Today is Friday which is new issue day for Street Roots, so , find a vendor and read the news

Afternoon music, "Maximalist" by Baths.

"It takes a lot of courage to go out there and radiate your essence."

soft drinks 

@polymerwitch Germany is where I discovered my love of it too! πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

I like Walking Dead, The Expanse, iZombie, Sense8, the Americans, Orphan Black and a bunch of shows that aren't on TV anymore.

LRT, nazis, french plays 

LRT my french teacher in HS had us read "Rhinoceros" the play that ContraPoints is riffing on. in it, people who have become sympathetic to naziism literally turn into rhinos, while the dwindling non-rhinos stand aghast at the normalization of the metamorphosis.

in the last year it has never left my thoughts.

I am exhausted from too much ~socializing with humans~ but it has been a very good day and one that reminds me how much I love Portland and the friends I have here. I got mine done by Igor at Tiger Lily (NE 46th & Sandy). He's been a friend for years but this was the first time he inked me. He's a great artist and a very good person.

Crafty Wonderland Spring Market 

I had a good time and I sold enough hats to recoup the booth fee plus a little extra. Success! And I'm exhausted.

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There's a little girl in Portland right now wearing a pink and purple hat that says "DEATH METAL" on it

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