So I booted Linux again. Main issue I'm facing is per-display scaling not being a thing in Xorg. Thanks nvidia for not supporting Wayland.

Kids (+) 

My stepdaughter looked at my wishlist and got me a tripod for my camera. She's amazing, and not just because she got something she thought I'd really like, but because she's genuinely one of the most thoughtful people I've ever met. The fact she's so accepting of me as her stepdad is a major thing for me. It melts my heart, and makes me glad she's around even though I didn't ever want any kids.

Alright tooters, I need recommendations on who I should follow on here. And to remember to actually say stuff on here more often than once every few weeks.

work, facebook, benefits talk 

A group I'm in on Facebook is discussing what they all do as work and I feel really awkward, being unable to mention what i do for fear of being maliciously reported for benefit fraud. Not so afraid of saying I'm a carer, but the rest of the stuff I's all unpaid volunteer stuff. I shouldn't be afraid of declaring it.

I've been getting more and more into photography lately, to the point where I got myself a lens as a Christmas present to myself. But I've been having a bunch of fun with it, and I think I'm getting better gradually. Not that I can really share many of the photos I've taken, since they're mostly being done as part of my volunteering.

job stuff 

The main worry is having to go through the shitshow that is Universal Credit to get what we'll still be entitled to. We'll have to work out whether that'll be worth it.

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job stuff 

Today I have a meeting about turning some of the volunteering I've been doing into something actually paid. To say I'm scared about it is an understatement, this is going to be total upheaval if it goes through, but I'm excited about it as well. Won't be 100% committing to anything today but it's about understanding how the situation could fuck up benefits etc.

Body talk 

I saw a new photo of me today and my hair line is receding so much :( Looks like I'll be like my dad in that respect- going bald relatively young. I knew it was coming, but I'm still not ready for it starting.

And just as I say that, the email arrives to say it's ready! I love that when it happens :D

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I have an ebay package waiting for me at my local Argos. But there's no collection code yet so I can't actually go and get it. I know the package is there, just waiting for them to process it!


I caught a cold from somewhere and it's making me feel like utter shite. Danni has it too which isn't exactly great. Plenty of rest for us, apart from the small matter of me wanting to run tomorrow.

I've been spending the night trying to get osx working on my pc for some reason and I'm getting to the point of frustration that the graphics driver isn't loading properly.

Drugs (both prescription and not), chronic illness 

The tramadol does help, but obviously if they are considering something else it's not exactly making things 100% bearable. I wish I knew a solution to this. M.E. is an awful thing. And it's been 9 years now.

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Drugs (both prescription and not) 

Danni told me a few days ago they're considering trying CBD oil on top of the tramadol they already use to combat their pain. So now we need to find a source of said oil that isn't ridiculously expensive. We don't want to throw money into a black hole if it isn't going to work.

Chrome, with a similar tab amount and content, was using 2.5GB, as a comparison.

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Earlier today I decided to give the latest Firefox Nightly build for Windows a try. Got some tabs open, nothing out of the ordinary for me, then discovered my RAM was gone. All of it. It was using 20GB. Twenty.

birdsite talk 

Right now I can't help but feel like mastodon feels like birdsite of 2007, so none of the bullshit that developed on there over the past few years. At least, my little corner of mastodon does. Please don't change.

I think the mastodon instance I'm on has been having issues all day. Media is taking forever to load. :(

I want to post something on here about how @Dannilion realising they were trans (and genderless) has really, really made me think about where my sexuality lies. I have no idea how to word it in a way that doesn't manage to inadvertantly insult people. Might take me a while.

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