possibly sensitive philosophical question 

Where's the line between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation?

re: possibly sensitive philosophical question 

@woozle I've wrestled with this in the context of music, as I've been very interested in folk music and various flavors of Middle-Eastern music. I'd suggest the following, maybe they generalize.
* Give credit
* Respect the tradition as a living social institution with its own norms
* What norms does this institution have for admitting new practitioners? Respect that.
* It's an overcorrection to think a tradition is pure, unwilling to evolve, collaborate or take in outsiders or outside influences. The question is who decides.
* It's actually Western imperialism to think that Western music is for the world, universally accessible, while other traditions are localized. Again, who decides?


re: possibly sensitive philosophical question 

@woozle All that said, appropriation at some level has always happened, as different traditions listen at each other and regurgitate what they hear. There's an Ottoman musical form called a "Longa" which appears frequently among Ottoman art music compositions. It sounds like a Balkan line dance, but from where? Turns out, nowhere; it's just what Turks thought Balkan music (possibly Romanian) sounded like. Kind of disrespectful to...some unspecified culture. But here we are. Some level of appropriation is probably natural and tolerable as long as one party isn't incredibly more powerful than the other.

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