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Analysis by Democracy Now's Juan Gonzalez finds that Trump share of white male voters was same as 2016, and white female's share went *up*.

Meanwhile armies of young people, especially of POC, did enormous voter registration and outreach to win Arizona and Georgia.

So Dem establishment, while you were wasting time chasing moderate Republicans, young people of color went out and saved your a**. Don't forget it!

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@JimG what do you mean "don't forget it"? They simply don't care. And they don't have to, as long as it is possible to scare sensible people into "voting blue no matter who" by just pointing fingers at Republicans. The same politics of fear works for Republicans too.

There's no point in even talking to the establishment of either corrupt party. It's either starting a new one (like or taking over an existing one (like what are doing).

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@isagalaev I 100% agree with you in fact, I've been avoiding giving any political donations to mainstream Democrat organizations and have been supporting Justice Democrats. Also just discovered the Working Families Party, which has a whole video explaining why they're maintaining their identity as a distinct party but supporting selected Democratic candidates.

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@JimG That is one of the big problems for the Democratic party: if they don't deliver a progressive agenda then those same voters won't bail them out in 2022. But without control of the Senate how are they going to do that?

@InternetKevin @JimG Yeah without a senate Mitch will just sit on his hands and we will end up with all the same factors that got us Trump in the first place.

@anubis2814 @InternetKevin Indeed. I feel like telling Biden, centrist Democratic leadership, and centrist Democrats everywhere: "Congratulations on your win. For purposes of 2022 and 2024 presidential elections, you now own the pandemic and the recession. You have two years to either fix them, or make them the other guy's problems. Go."

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