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@Ardmass I should have mentioned:

The LP is my dad's copy of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, which I remember him playing in the living room as early as maybe 1969? I would get into the big orange spinny-chair and spin around as fast as I could during "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite".

He gave me all of his LPs about 15 years ago, and this was one of them -- complete with gatefold and cardboard-cutout insert (uncut).

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I've finally got a working turntable again, after nearly a decade.

Finding specific parts used to be a lot harder. It needed a new drive-belt, and those are rather particular. A large rubber-band won't cut it (yes, I did try).

I may be playing music in the office more now. >.>

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It actually "snowed" last night so of *course* @woozle took pictures and that meant a new banner for my profile! ^_^

Kestra showing her consistency (in a rather circle-forming kind of way ;D) across the decades:

Picture on the left is her lying on my laptop in 2013 & the one on the right is her lying on my eldest's laptop in January of this year =^_^=


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There is an acute shortage of Tardigrades on the tl today.

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if you are having a hard time today pls know that a smol pixel kitten is here for you and believes in you :blobcatheart:

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It's Toot Cat! Courtesy of Neko Atsume =^_^=

oops, not quite

I knit a rainbow! shawl! It's snuggly & bright and I hope it brings all of you as much cheer as it is for me! ^_^

On November 22, I made my traditional goats milk soap for Xmas presents as I am wont to do. I was assisted by Z, my second youngest & chemistry expert* and here I give you the Finished Product as it were ^_^

*having graduated from college with a degree in chemistry

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So, I had an idea about object storage (like Amazon S3 / DigitalOcean Spaces)...

You could set up an API -- either compatible with the S3 API or not -- which would keep only the most frequently-used files on an expensive server, and offload less-frequently-accessed files to a home server, which could easily store many terabytes of data for no monthly cost.

That way, less-used stuff would still be available but maybe a little slower and less reliably (if your home server or ISP goes down temporarily).

It seems to me this would work especially well for social media like Mastodon, where you get a lot of new content every day but most of it is accessed very little after a certain amount of time.

Just a thought.

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remembrance of violent celebrity death 

40 years ago this evening, I was listening to WQDR on my weird Panasonic bedside clock-radio with the little metal flip-plates for the numbers (like in Groundhog Day) when the DJ came on and said something like "wow, I have some special bummer news" and went on to say that John Lennon had been shot.

There was a span of time in there, a few minutes, when we didn't know he was going to die -- so it came as a further shock when they said he had been pronounced dead on arrival.

I think it's fair to say that this is the first time a death really hit me.

Three years later, my best friend/soulmate (@Harena 's beloved little sister) disappeared; one year later they found her skeleton in the woods, and then -- just to sort of add insult to injury -- the owners of WQDR, a very popular "album rock" station at the time and pretty much the only one I found reliably listenable, decided they could make more money changing it to a country music format (which it has been ever since, so I guess that worked out for them).

Sometimes things just suck.

I hope next year is better, y'all. 🕯️

Just realized I probly should post a picture of one of the doilies that I made with the aforementioned thread... here's one still on the blocking board ^_^

Feeling exceedingly Clever with myself 'cause after I was done doing the two thread doilies for my mother's birthday, the "cake" was all collapsing in on itself and I just knew it would probly turn into a mess if I didn't wind it up... but balls are boring, so during my Wide Awake at 3am time, I thought up an idea & I just now tried it & it *totally* worked!

Stuck a toilet paper tube on my yarn winder, wound the thread, & pulled the whole kit & kaboodle off when i was done & presto! Intact thread cake :D

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So, this is an example of the way in which my brain functions.

When @Harena's mouse-holder broke, my first thought was that although trying to just glue the two pieces together directly would be basically useless, gluing something flat and hard along the underside to hold them like a splint could actually work pretty well.

I went down to the basement thinking I might find a small piece of wood or plastic to use -- but I also had vaguely in mind this small piece of metal I used to have, which I think I salvaged sometime around 1980 from a broken dictaphone I got at a flea market.

Not seeing any suitable wood or plastic bits around, I thought I might as well look for the metal thing.

I pulled back the dust-curtains to get to my plastic component drawers, found the one labeled "misc mechanical bits" or whatever, and... there it was, exactly as I remembered it.

I might not be able to remember where I set something important down half an hour ago, but a miscellaneous piece of metal I set aside 40 frickin' years ago? NO PROBLEM!

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Reports clearly indicate that the temporary wave failure is due to primary technical measures, and it has been determined that the current health disassembly is due to reverse political failure.

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