@woozle Yarrr... One day the timing will be right for me to dig some of 'em up ^_^

@woozle We did have some pretty long ones too, didn't we ^_^

re: coldcalling; phishing 

re: coldcalling; phishing 

I really love @epigram's exclamations.. here's my current favorite:

"Great horny-toaded rodental transportation drivers!"


@woozle The very fact that Paypal thinks I should trust *them* with my bank login makes me want to go screaming for the hills.

And then their "Link by Alternative Method" didn't work/go through no matter what browser I used.

As if we didn't need another reason to distrust, loathe, eschew Paypal. If they didn't basically have a monopoly on digital money, they couldn't get away with their crap and they know it :P

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rent, financial need, giving aid poll, plz boost? 

@eryn my inner ferret poings in circles around your inner coyote :ferret:

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This is a thing where anyone with even a tiny bit of writing spoons can help, if you have anything to say about US Social Security #Disability:

What's Happening?

The Social Security Administration has proposed a new rule that would change the way it decides if #SSDI and #SSI beneficiaries are 'disabled enough' to continue receiving disability benefits.

Social Security makes disabled people receiving Social Security disability go through, what it calls, "continuing disability reviews" (CDRs). A CDR is basically a 'are you still disabled enough' audit. Social Security is proposing a dramatic increase to the number of CDRs it conducts.


Feel free to boost and otherwise reshare. (The comment form is here, if you want to skip the very informative Patreon post.)

Finished the toe increases & now for the beginning of the stitch pattern & the foot proper!

@woozle Yeah, in Mate it opens it in Vilvadi (for me) and i can save the image from there.

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Asking for a set of friends: where do AMAB folks in the UK get feminizing HRT meds when they don't yet have a prescription?

Boosts welcome cuz kinda urgent -- they have 6 days' worth of regular dosage left, 12 if they skimp... and there's probably going to be delivery time on top of that...

Each pair of socks start at the tippy-toes!

Aaaand after 4 starts, I have the socks cast on & all you get is this crappy picture. Don't worry, there'll be more ;)

NTS: Don't cast on socks when sick ;p

Ohright, I *did* talk myself into winding my sock yarn.. and I even cast on the socks! :D

It's Cascade Heritage SW Merino in the Citron colorway ^_^

Finished my socks, wheeee!

Now to talk myself into winding the yarn for the next pair.. that frequently is the most difficult part of starting a new pair 'cause i have to get out the swift, hook it up, make sure it has enough spinning space, get the winder set up, undo the hank of yarn, get it on the swift, find the beginning of the yarn, realize i have the *end* of the yarn, find the Actual Beginning of the yarn, & then wind it.

But I'm not done there! Because I knit my socks 2 At A Time, I need to half the skeins by weight & then rewind 'em.

It's a Good Time, honest.


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where is selfloathing.dll, I want to delete it

Finished the mitts fiiiinaaaalllyyyy.. I really really hate knitting thumbs and weaving in ends or I'd've been done 3 days ago >.>

Anyway, have pictures including one with Kestra as a backdrop because we have a Power To Annoy™ war going on, we two do ;D

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