@gannet And heh, this is also reminding me that many years ago in the Before Times, I was going to try my hand at 2 color brioche but I was unfortunately sick that day & my brain was not as up to it as I thought it would be & I gave up & sortof forgot about it...

... though, once my knitting brain comes back online again, I'm definitely going to try again!

@gannet I kinda love brioche once I re-re-learn how it works! The brioche double-sided cable scarf I made all those years ago is right up there trying to wiggle past my Hitchhikers as my most favorite.. it's definitely the most snugglyest! :D

Not gonna stop me from perusing those posts, though! ^_^

@GoatSara Me, i just forget it exists for extended periods of time and then i feel bad for not posting & figure nobody wants to hear what i have to say anyway, so i don't say anything.

Except when i have a knitted thing to post and so that's the majority of my stream. ;p

@SetecAstronomy @woozle And why i almost never do any web browsing on my phone/tablet ;p

@woozle Yeah, Vivaldi has it built in.

It's too bad Pale Moon never panned out, alas.

@gannet Sleep deprivation is the gateway to creativity! :D

@SetecAstronomy I know that feel.. I don't really feel like knitting on any of my projects that I want to knit... I also do not like not knitting. :/

@gannet Intriguing! I've, of course, done crochet filet but not knitting.. I'm curious how it works!

@gannet And you knit it in the perfect color too! :D

@GoatSara Oh & he also played as all the characters in his favorite anime ... he still plays it every day, just about ! ;D

He & his brother got me to set up a character but i have controller dyslexia so i've not played very much >.>

@GoatSara Should I tell you about my youngest who first played as all his OC's and then when he got weary of that, started rolling up random characters to play? ;D

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We have every confidence that the apparent security instability is due to primary health limitation, and it has been determined that the apparent health failure is due to reasonable socialization therapy.

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