Having gotten really excited again with mosaic knitting, the Xmas dishcloths were not enough! I had to start another pattern I found along the way! Had To!

Since the tester swatch I did for the Xmas trees was long enough & folded neatly in the middle, i just crocheted up the edges & ta-da! A potholder!

And i liked that one as a potholder so much, I decided I'd make one deliberately with a different pattern called Fretwork.

Here's the first In Progress picture!

Time for another What (else) I've started working on post.

(Okay, that's weird, i could have *sworn* i had posted about the mosaic knitting i've been doing but apparently not, so that's the one you're getting now, with a follow-up post that is completely relevant, you'll see)ANYway.

Since i had already finished all the Xmas dishcloths for this year, I start noodling around in Barbara Walker's stitch pattern books and came across a mosaic one called Pyarmid (I adore mosaic knitting; easiest colorwork method *ever*) and my brain was all "Y'know... those kinda look like Xmas Trees..." and well, off i went!

After much tinkering with figuring out the borders & such (and help with shifting the pattern from the Amazing @gannet ), here are the Xmas gifts for 2023!

....aaaand i just realized i never posted about the finished rainbow socks, whooops!

Here they are!

Because i'm used to having summer time cotton knitting in the form of Xmas gifts...

and because i've already finished gifts for this year (brioche is ridiculously easy & fast ;D)

and because i was browsing through Barbara Walker's Second Treasury of Stitch Patterns

and because i came across a mosaic pattern called "Pyramid"

and because it really rather looked like they could be Xmas trees, I decided to try to work out a pattern for them

and Long Story, Short, i think i have it all figured out!

Because I Could.

Oops! Forgot to post the Finished Object pictures of the doily I made for my sister's birthday last month... (It's been a Couple of Two Weeks ;p)

So Anyway! Here it is, including a picture she took of it after the fact..

Spoiler Alert, she loves it! "All My Colors!" she exclaimed after she pulled it out of the gift bag ^_^

Suddenly it occurred to me (per my usual) that i have a knitting progress picture to share, so I give you the doily i'm knitting for my sister's birthday in June!

Really loving the way the colors are sorting themselves ^_^

Made my sister's Xmas brioche dishcloth in purple, green, blue, & white variegated yarn! I was worried it was too busy, but so far the people i've shown it to were enthusiastic, so it's a Go! ^_^

Slim pickings this year but as I am wont, here are the year's first Daffydillys! ^_^

So I knit dishcloths (to go with my homemade soap & lipbalm) for xmas gifts for family and this is this year's edition!

Just a basic brioche stitch and variegated yarn for the win! ^_^

So, remember those socks I posted about on January 24?

Welp, I not only finished the heels (padded version of 's Sweet Tomato Heels) and got past the ankles (next green stripe, yay!) and they fit nigh on perfectly!

So happy! ^_^

And Project #2: A lap blanket I'm knitting from some Simply Soft yarn that was a Xmas gift from some of the bestest people I know (you know who you are 😉 ) The pattern is called Mistral and can be found on Ravelry here: Mistral Blanket

Once again, i've realized i haven't posted much of the knitting i've been doing so here is Project #1:

Rainbow Socks! Finally got to the yellow stripe! It's not clear in the photo but it has just the hint of green in it which delights me to no end ^_^

Doing my usual Two at a Time on 2 circular needles 'cause i'll never knit one sock at a time on dpns again!

Oh & also, I made my mother some wee caps to go atop her cat wine bottles to hide the necks (web search "cat wine bottle" to see what I mean).

I held a strand of red bedspread weight thread and a strand of some mystery white slightly heavier weight thread together to get the variegated look.

ohhey, it's knitting! a thing that i do!

Making myself yet another pair of felted slippers (I go through a pair every couple of years 'cause during the cooler months i seriously live in them; indoor & out!)!

This is the first one finished and ready to be felted. I'll finish its twin and then felt 'em together ^_^

My favorite "indoor" fingerless gloves started unraveling at the top cuff (stupid moths >:/) and I cannot emphasize how much i Do Not Sew/Darn but I lost access to my favorite darner and I didn't want to lose these mitts so I snagged a bit of wool (camel, if the label is to believed) and kluged a repair.

Now I don't have to worry about losing them anymore :D

Every year on this day, I make a post in memory & celebration of my little sister's birthday. I started this tradition way back in the days of G+ and it's carried along the decades.

On this day, I encourage people to hug a tree in her memory because Jenny was a huge fan of trees; a love that i've always shared with her.

Oaks were her favorites, but any tree will do.

Happy Birthday... we miss you, Jenny 💚

It's been a while but here's the dishcloth I've made for my sister's xmas present.. loving on the color combination ^_^

Ohnoes, someone new followed me.. i need to Quick! Post Something!

er, have a picture of a bunch of purple asters from my yard i took several years ago.. back when flowers bloomed & life was Not As Awful!

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