So, i have this really shiny wireless keyboard that @woozle got for my birthday? Xmas? i forget.. which i really love (the keys glow green :D) but it doesn't have a power switch so i inevitably accidentally press keys (and sometimes wreck havoc) when i'm either plugging it in or unplugging it. (separate gripe: i loathe microUSB soooo muuuch :P)

So i wish there were some way to ... dunno, rig one in but i'd be terrified of breaking the keyboard.
</end rant>

@Harena @woozle Not the solution you were looking for, but maybe slightly less terrible to leave the micro-usb end plugged in all the time and just plug/unplug the USB-A end?

Of course now it's got a cord...

Does it have a hotkey for locking the keyboard? I think one of my lighted wired keyboards does.

@SetecAstronomy @Harena @woozle a possibility tidier solution would be to use a "magnetic USB cable" of the sort that has a detachable connection that you leave in the device and a cable that connects to that via magnets, like the Mac mag charger

@SetecAstronomy "end"? There's a dongle which plugs directly into the host USB socket...

Some software means of disabling the keyboard does seem like a good solution, as it would work for any keyboard (including laptop -- useful for cleaning purposes when you don't want to shut down or whatever) but I'm not currently aware of any quick way of doing this. You can lock the session, so all you're typing is bad passwords, but that seems kinda ponderous. A hotkey combo would be nice...


@woozle Right. Brain went on vacation there. @Harena was talking about micro-USB and I somehow assumed the other end was the connection to the PC. While also being wireless. Because it makes sense! I think. But actually not >_> suggestion might be the way to go. I've never used one of those magnetic cables before, but I've seen them all over Amazon. I would assume they can be had elsewhere as well.

@SetecAstronomy @M0YNG

Huh, that is not a thing I had heard of (as being available as a separate thing, rather than built into a device)... will have to look into that.

Not sure how practical it will be for this application, but it seems potentially useful.


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