A couple of days ago, in a flash of belated panic, I suddenly realized it was the end of July & I hadn't started/made any progress on Xmas gifts this year.

After giving up on my original idea(s) from back in February (and got set aside because of lack of spoons to focus on it 'em), I remembered that I had a search saved on Ravelry & took a look.

I found a pattern and quickly ditched it for multiple reasons & then settled on this one....

....which was also a bit fraught largely owing to the way the pattern was structured and it seemed I was the only one having a problem with it.

TL;DR: I did the pattern My Way & here is dishcloth #1

Am now almost done with #2 and it's gotten mindless enough that I only need to occasionally glance at a previous cloth to double-check where I am! YAY!


For those who are interested, here's my project page for this cloth: ravel.me/Harena/utn01u

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