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If you're looking for a goodreads replacement that isn't owned by amazon, and maybe instead run & founded by a Black woman, then Nadia Odunayo has a treat for you! Her new platform The StoryGraph is still in beta but it already seems fully featured, looks & feels great–it has a really clean clear look, filters, half-star rating options, the works! Check it out!

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I present to you this cat in a box.

Please boost and share this cat in a box with others.

#cat #catinbox

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Animal injury - good news 

A few weeks ago my kiddo noticed something at the side of the road, that at first glance she thought was a deflated ball. Turns out it was a turtle who had been hurt by a car. The shell was cracked (she sent me a photo that was painful to see).

But she and her friend took it to a wildlife center and today she received a postcard saying the turtle's shell was repaired and it was being released back into the wild. :emerald_heart:

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If you're looking to educate yourself and develop your political consciousness and skill, and especially if you're someone who feels like you're Not Doing Enough but aren't in a position where there's much more you can do than you already are

I highly recommend participating in Noname's Book Club, every month there's a different radical black revolutionary text, usually of a marxist and abolitionist lense

This month the book is "Blood in my eye" by George Jackson

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what does BIPOC mean
(white ppl don’t vote just boost thanks)

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I think the reason I'm holding off on writing "Happy Juneteenth" is the feeling, the knowledge that if George Floyd was alive today, and nothing had been burned down, and so on, I don't think I would have noticed it or had it brought to my attention. And that feels . . . bad. It feels bad to stand up and start talking about a holiday that I only sorta remember from year to year. It's not my holiday, I know that. It's not for me, nor should it be, and I don't want to pretend that it is.

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Lets get Equality in STEM

Black chemists speak out about inequity in STEM
They share stories of injustice and offer suggestions on how the community can provide support and solidarity

#stem #equality #diversity

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Not having learned about it until maybe 5 years ago, I think Juneteenth will always be a reminder for me that I was raised within white supremacy which tries to hold onto its power as long as possible and teaches its children a very strategic version of history.

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black girl in need. update. 

Update: I’m super close to my goal.
Hey y’all, I’ve been struggling financially because I’m a student and COVID19 has stopped my income. I have to start funding for rent this month ($75) and food. I do sell prints of my art and accept donations. Anything is appreciated
(P.s. my homophobic and diet racist roommates are gone)
Venmo: journei-g
Cashapp: $journeigr

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Today I am turning not-coffee into coffee and trying ng to food before cleaning and work. Hopefully tomorrow will be more creative focused

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is it just me, or do libraries - especially old libraries - have the same feeling as churches and other places of worship do, but to a lesser degree?

Doing that thing again where intey out new instances. @gryphon is my main but unlike to try and branch out every so often.


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