I used handbrake for a few DVDs, what makes makeMKV better? just convenience or does it produce better files?

i was on the verge to change my monitors color setting, because of overlapping MS file explorer windows.

sometimes i see @plush_bot tooting some ugly plushies but then people retoot and fav them. And i think fine, it's not my job to teach you all good taste, i just provide the plushies.

Well, 0.49999... is 0.5 (Proof: substract one from the other; the result is infinitesimal small;therefore 0)
and 0.5 get's rounded to 1.

Just a bad pun 

There are two things certain in life:
Death and Sexs

... Keep spending most our lives, living in the hacker's paradise. ...

Weekend plans:
Strategicly asking friends if it would be too much cringe if i would wear a dress for halloween, as a joke, as in a dude cross dressing as a woman, in a cis way.

Where can i host a super small server? I need five minutes max cpu time every hour. Could probably fit in a docker container.
Is there a thing where multiple customers share one VM and everyone gets a single user account?

1.8 inch hard drives are an an example of one of those technologies where people were living in the past, and so working under the constraints they were under, their solutions were complex and with a lot of moving parts... just like Linotype machines and mechanical computers.
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I only heared the concerns about human bodies generating electrical power in regards of CO₂ emission.

And it's terrible, humans are bad motors and building the exercise bike consumes way more CO₂ than you could recuperate by pedaling.

@electrocutie if it's okay that it's a weirdly shaoed piece that you can't cut:
Hard drive disk, they are so flat that they will stick to another when you press the air out of between them.

Desktop OSes should utilize QR code scanning with webcams more.
I want to login in by scanning an QR code on my phone with the password and username.
Same with one-time-passwords from authenticator apps and that protocol for wifis, they should understand that too.

@ecmel iirc there was an exploit in Wow that allowed to crash other peoples clients. It involved linking items in the chat that didn't exist. Third party software was needed for that and it was used in arena.

@FiXato wow, I will try that next week.
I use F2 to rename files in the explorer, and when I miss I get these stupid windows help website.

I want pills that make me fall asleep, but then I would probably just go even later to bed, based on that easy way to fall asleep quickly.

@Gulfie there are people who play truck driving simulators, and I always think are there really that desperate to do boring work in theire free time.
And then I remember the multiple minecraft world where I manually dug quaries for no other reason but to have a flat plane

PC Gamers --> Truck Drivers
Console Gamers --> Forklift Drivers

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