If "2019" is so great why isn't there a "2019 Remasteredā€œ?

@Gregor There is no 2019 remastered *yet*. Let them do the sequels first:
2019 - 2nd try
2019 - They say all good things is 3
2019 - A last hope?
Then they will do the remaster, and eventually even the 2019 remake in, like 15 years or sošŸ˜‚

2019 - Tokio Drift
2019 Extended Cut
2019 Anniversary Edition
2019 Reforged
2019 2
2019 Episode 2
2017, 2018, 2019 Trilogy Collectors edition
The Art Of 2019 (coffeetable artbook)
2019 Wrath of the Lichking
2019 Digital Collectors Edition

Everyone: God, make it stop, itĀ“s dead already!
Shady executive: *laughs in disney* this is only Phase 1!

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