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😀This is my vanilla/SFW-ish account. Would be weird to shove my kinky stuff in your face, when a normal fediverse citizen visits my profile. Felt a bit creepy.

My other account is @Gregor, (contains urine, excrement💩, male nudity🔞 and childish behavior🍼)

  • The army has more rules for killing people than the police
  • Laws are arbitrary and are used for political goals
  • SWAT is ineffective and it's just fear mongering
  • the police doesn't need to be armed all the time

Is there a or a way to use that where i can listen to on my pc and the progress is saved.
Maybe a syncs both a web and a phone app or the phone runs a web server and I open that page with my pc.

My current setup is using the phone in-earsphones under my PCs over-earphones. 🎧

(lol, as if)

What if the Corona vaccine has a chip in it?
What if it's "salt and vinegar"? And the liquid vaccine will all soggy 🤢.

The big excessive breakfasts that some morning people are having, that's just a coping mechanism for getting up early.

Snake oil, but it's to keep your snake smooth.

TIL warum diese N95-Masken soviel besser als Stoffmasken sind obwohl auch nur aus Stoff:

I will repeat it:

Every time you make fun of an objectively bad person like Zukerberg not for the things they do but because they are fat/ugly/emotionally stunned you are hurting people who have these traits while Zucks don't give a shit.

Call them out for what they do.

Fun Game on Telegram:
Use a SFW sticker, but the sticker pack is very NSFW.


It's still prostitution if you pay for the sex, with sexual favors.

dass reisen gegen rassismus hilft ist historisch gesehen nicht haltbar

subtoot, uncaptioned image, xkcd 

some posts on this site remind me of this classic xkcd:

Me: Mom, can we get 🏳️‍🌈?
Mom: We have 🏳️‍🌈 at home
The 🏳️‍🌈 at home:

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