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I should mix myself some cake batter with raw eggs and eat it, because fuck my body anyway.


Wenn du sagst "Geh zu normalen Zeiten schlafen", klingt das natĂĽrlich einfacher als
"Verschiebe mal deinen Schlafrhythmus um drei Stunden nach vorne."

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Geneva Public Licence of War

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Stupid jokes, shit posting 

GNU Pubic Lices

Not to be a weeb on main, but:

Is there a global unique id for each doujishi?
Like an official database that i can trust.
Asking for a friend.

All toots should get a URN! No one is going to listen to me anyway so it doesn't matter that I don't have a practical use for it, but could be useful.

hey guys, it's my boyfriend's birthday today, and so i promised if this gets 5 million boosts and faves i'll let him kiss me on the cheek once for free 🙂

Do you agree that accounts who (only) #crosspost from #Twitter to #Mastodon should be marked as bot?

Billionaires are so great (irony), if we kill them (in minecraft) and we could increase the number of billionaires, since they all have multiple billion dollars.

Fishes that eat you dead skin: OK
Mites that eat your dead skin: not OK

I don't understand people who already use win11.
Why would you do beta testing for MS?

I will wait at least till spring 2022.
I don't have any PC with a TPM, but still.

I only hate Linux when it doesn't work.

Over at Twitter, one of the authors of the study adds: "We quantified there's about 2.9 million machines. If they last for 1.5 years, then less than 80.000 of them will ever create a single block at all - more than 97% of machines will be discarded without even producing a single useful contribution ever."

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