How do you say "yes mother, i would like you to buy me one of those bags with a rainbow flag from IKEA, while you are there", without outing myself?

When am I supposed to go to a dentist, if it's not an emergency?
Am I supposed to take a day off to get there?
Is it like a sick day?
Do i try to get an appointment on a Saturday or am I supposed to have time for that on a normal workday.

Wenn man ein paar alte HDDs hätte (3,5 zoll).
Bei welcher Größe würdet ihr sagen kann die wirklich keiner mehr gebrauchen und kann man nur weg schmeißen.

Why is it so hard to anonymously pay people online?

I just want to pay like 50€ for lewd stuff. That's not enough to be a concern for any money laundering laws and I accept that I can't get that money back if they don't deliver.

I just want to have digital cash, I say I want to pay a certain amount, they ask once if I'm sure and that's it.

At this point, the easiest way is Patreon and Steam gift cards, that's just sad.

Mice are stored in the (tennis) balls.
I will not further elaborate and dare you to look it up with picture search.

Thank you.
Good night.
I hope you're happy.

Why are we so fascinated by the idea of "living wage"?
Yes people should be paid adaquently, but maybe it's easier to not force the employer to pay more, but to iust have a goverment that takes money from the business and distributed among the emploees.

But that's just a stupid idea by me.

I never experienced homo-/bi-/trans-phobia so I'm not qualified to discuss LGBT issues.

Ich habe eine Prepaid SIM-Karte mit Guthaben, ich werde das niemals auf normalem Weg verbrauchen. Gibt es irgendwelche Stellen wo man Premium-SMS für was Sinnvolles verwenden kann (Spenden?) ohne das daran vorallem der Plattform Anbieter profitiert.

Hab irgendwie kein Bock auf 5€ SMS bei denen nur 3.50 durchkommen.

Is there a app on (or if it's good on Google Play) to track habits?

  • Tracking the time since you last did %thing%.
  • Time left till %date%.
  • Adding up how much you did %thing% last month/week/year.(Maybe with unit conversion for time, fluids, money.)

Sounds pretty simple, but I'm out of ideas what to search for.

I ate nothing today, but I drank coffee, it's not that bad. My head hurts a bit but otherwise I'm fine.

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I should mix myself some cake batter with raw eggs and eat it, because fuck my body anyway.


Wenn du sagst "Geh zu normalen Zeiten schlafen", klingt das natürlich einfacher als
"Verschiebe mal deinen Schlafrhythmus um drei Stunden nach vorne."

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Geneva Public Licence of War

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GNU Pubic Lices

Not to be a weeb on main, but:

Is there a global unique id for each doujishi?
Like an official database that i can trust.
Asking for a friend.

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