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If you would like to have more pictures of plushies in your timeline, I made a bot for that.


It toots a random picture of a plushie about every hour.
I just have to figure out how to get that script running on my raspizero.

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😀This is my vanilla/SFW-ish account. Would be weird to shove my kinky stuff in your face, when a normal fediverse citizen visits my profile. Felt a bit creepy.

My other account is @Gregor, (contains urine, excrement💩, male nudity🔞 and childish behavior🍼)

hugging plushy's easy,
hugging people's hard.

boost if you're a scorpio and/or love ass

fediverse meta; Mention of racism, rape, pedophilia and zoophilia 

sigh enough internet for today

(Profile pic wasn't explicit, just wanted to censor identifiable features.)

i have mixed feelings about blahajs.

So many people have them, i kinda want my plushies to be a bit exclusive to me.

But them there is the raw fear-of-missing-out.

ivermectin and conversation around it 

It appears there is some evidence that ivermectin can cause sterility in humans with testes.

This is not an opportunity to joke about weeding out the gene pool or whatever.

That’s just straight up eugenics and nazi shit. Keep it out of your mouth and out of your mind and ideally out of your heart.

Racists and other bigots are such because they materially benefit from it, and they enjoy being cruel, not because they have “inferior genes.” Those don’t exist.

i just want to remote control a (normal) web browser with python.

mechanize: not a full browser

pyppeter: random errors, and lots of async BS

spynner: needs PyQT4 which is not up to date, and not documentation

selenium: todo, but seems overkill

can't i just have some portable firefox with a plugin that allows me to execute Javascript, and i will do all the rest

Mh - 

I'm like "i can't get up because of all the plushies, they are so cute and i have to cuddle them, lol",
but actually i think it's depression.

You are gay.
Boost this to make everyone else gay.

They always say: "don't post pictures of yourself online."

They never say: "let's get you a fursuit, you could post as many pictures as you like in that as long as you use your fursonas name and not your real name."

Und wer von denen war jetzt Herr oder Frau Triell?

Deutch, Psychatrie 

ich hab grade was geschaut:

Boa, wenn so Psychatrie ist dann bringt mich ja eher der Cringe um als meine Depression. Diese Bevormundung und Trivialisierung kotzt mich an.

Ich weis jetzt schon nicht welcher Teil meiner Gefühle real ist, und dann zeigen sie wie es "weggetanzt" und "wegtrommelt" wird.

  1. People don't like you.
  2. They regularly attack you.
  3. They fail every time.
  4. You convince the people that they gonna have a a better chance to kill you if they would use weapons made from a precious metal.
  5. Profit.

MH meta, MH - 

Am i wrong or do people confuse being introverted with having mental health problems.

My depression is not fixable with some chilling/cooking/playing together.
And me not liking to do that is not a symptom of my depression.

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