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😀This is my vanilla/SFW-ish account. Would be weird to shove my kinky stuff in your face, when a normal fediverse citizen visits my profile. Felt a bit creepy.

My other account is @Gregor, (contains urine, excrement💩, male nudity🔞 and childish behavior🍼)

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The ff in ffmpeg stands for forced feminization

What if your hands are dry, but it's because touching your face was very important for your skin.

Corona related joke 

Stupid joke with Pornography mention and gay outing 

A flying carpet, but it's rolled up and you ride it like a horse or a broom stick.

Interresting, YouTube doesn't allow "Content for Kids" to be added to a playlist. 🤔 I kinda get it, they don't want to moderate playlists, but on the other hand, people can just make lists of URLs.

update, there is pip and pip3, 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️

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i think pip isn't working properly,
pip install mechanize runs and looks right, but i still get

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'mechanize

full log:

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why most porn stars are short 

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So i watched #ReadyPlayerOne.
I have started to watch it when it came out, it was a terrible stream and I don't liked it that much and I stopped. Now I watched it again in full on N*f*x.
I HATE it. It's based on dozens of premises that I don't belive. I guess the whole plot happens in about three days. Protagonist looses his family and is cheered up because of love interrest. Things are brought up and never really explained, there is some kind of resistance but don't worry it's not important. Somehow it's a world where people regularly gamble with tons of money because they are stupid. A trillion dollar company pays average skilled players to brute forces a skill based challange.

Every single South Park episode has a more believable and realistic plot.

Wird Robert Koch persönlich auch mal was sagen?

Why do i hate facebook? (I'm not sure, I'm just brainstorming a bit)

  • My Ageism?
  • my disliking of popculture (cars, sport, tv series)
  • i'm signed up with my real and full name, everything i do there could be used against me personally
  • the people there more or less know me
  • terrible memes
  • ads by facebook itself
  • ads by the users
  • pictures of people on vacation

Isolation because of Covid-19. 

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Preping shitpost 

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COVID-19, labor action 

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