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šŸ˜€This is my vanilla/SFW-ish account. Would be weird to shove my kinky stuff in your face, when a normal fediverse citizen visits my profile. Felt a bit creepy.

My other account is @Gregor, (contains urine, excrementšŸ’©, male nudityšŸ”ž and childish behavioršŸ¼)

Was wissen die Ć¼ber mich? ... und was weis ich selbst Ć¼ber mich?
(Zensur weil Werbung)

There is more #porn online than you can ever watch in your life time, you have to develop a #kink to have a chance.

Wortwitz, german pun Was ist neber Aschaffenburg? 

Domesticating animals is all about abusing AI bugs. #outside

Every transphobe who said they identify as an attack helicopter is gettnig drafted to WW3 for military use now

#abolishimIce, but it's about having climate change to mely the ice in glaciers, Arctica and Antarctica.

"80% of (car) drivers think that theire driving skills are are above average."
Lololol, classical example of Dunning-Kruger, people are just super bad at this stuff.

"20% of all drivers are responsible for half of all the accidents."
Yeah, sounds super reasonable.

I think I understand how the Discord QR exploit works now, though it took some thinking.

Should I write up an explanation?

I don't want to spend money for #blahaj, I already had this one at home and he is very nice to have next to me in bed.
#plushie #stuffedanimal #stuffie #ikeashark #reuse #dolphin #memeshark

Ich kanns ehrlich gesagt langsam nicht mehr hƶren wie einfach die Jobsuche angeblich als ITler sein soll.

first raccoon pic of 2020, happy new year europe!

Uhm actually, Narutos lastname is Shippuden.

rant, furry bending over for artist culture 

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