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😀This is my vanilla/SFW-ish account. Would be weird to shove my kinky stuff in your face, when a normal fediverse citizen visits my profile. Felt a bit creepy.

My other account is @Gregor, (contains urine, excrement💩, male nudity🔞 and childish behavior🍼)

What if there is no tomorrow, just this night stretching till eternity. You wake up rested but it's still dark, you get some midnight snack and play a bit on your pc, and it's still night, like forever, time pases but we are in this perpetual state of night, the time that we are awake are just an hour or two before we go back to sleep. Getting rest for the day of tomorrow that will never come into existence.
I want that right now.

Naughty stuff, but vague 

Everytime people make jokes that imply that anal sex is the only form of gay intimacy, we should make jokes that imply that making a baby is the only form of straight intimacy.

Hach, Stille. Das muss die unsichtbare Hand des Marktes gewesen sein!

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So viel wie das Kind unten schreit, ich glaub die Nachbarn haben ihm grad vom Kapitalismus erzählt.

At some point in time hard drives will be viewed as "old tech"
These thick metal boxes with plates and a read head inside that have to move to read data. A senisitive electromechanical device packed in a sealed aluminum block. They break from high acceleration because there are actually moving things inside. All other components of your computer are based on semi conductors, but these are two motors, and a piece of metal with tens of trillions of disturbances in it's magnetic field.

Theoretically you can take the metal pieces out and put them in another box and if all things align properly, you get the data back.

Compared to SSDs, hard drives are at the same time overly complicated and yet archaic and brute.

Mein 15-jähriges Ich hat ein Gedicht von Erich Kästner verhunzt.

Gut, dass das Jahr jetzt vorbei ist – wer weiß, wie niveauloser es sonst noch geworden wäre.


Do i hate my body because i'm fat or do i hate my body because i want it more feminine.

I would try some feminine cloth, but they mostly won't fit me.

Churches are just Christian Minecraft servers irl

My new years resolution is 3840px × 2160px × 8bpcRGB @ 60Hz

Do you know what the fastest dino is?
I heared it's the tyRUNosaur

Du bist selbst zu der Erkenntnis gekommen das Atomkraft gefährlich ist, Impfen hilft, man wegen Corona ne Maske tragen sollte und das der Klimawandel echt ist?

Nein! Halts Maul! Die wissenschaftliche Konsesmeinung annhemen, weil man keine Ahnung hat, ist absolut das Beste was man tun kann. Und ihr habt alle keine Ahnung. Können bitte alle Idioten aufhören zu behaupten das sie aus dem Schulstoff von vor zehn Jahren und ein paar Stunden Podcasts eine ernsthaft fundierte, unabhängige Meinung gebildet haben. Habt ihr nicht. Ihr plappert nach, aber ihr plappert die Wahrheit nach, ist nicht so schlimm wie scheiße labern, aber gebt doch zu wie es ist.

Im englishen Sprahraum heißt es Butt Acht.

Marry Crysis
Me Ray Cry Cis
Marie Cri-cess
Meh Rick Reises

Just reinstalled Linux Mint xfce, my settings for my shitty laptop:

Xfce4-panel: moved to the top; height:16px

Appearance -> Fonts -> DPI:75 (may adjust that later)

FireFox->Customize-> uncheck Titel Bar

Now Listening (on repeat since the last three hours):
BANNERS - Someone To You

Feels like posisoning myself with toxic positivity

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