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Me: What yogurt should I use to make tzatziki?
Dad: Pear
Me: What?

I wonder if there is any tool to preview your twitter message since that would be so good for ascii art

Do any of you ever use computer or robotics terminology to describe how stuff like psychology or biology works?

My dad came into my room and referred me using the plural (or royal) form of the Swedish word for "you" and I stared at him extremely confused and hoped he had not read about me questioning about being plural

My aesthetic is to have everything very messy and use colors like white, grey and black 90% if the time then very bright colorful colors for the rest

A friend I have known for many years streams for one of his first times

The plotter can now move the pen up and down and draw with way more precision and I drew this using the game pad. The big dots is where the pen went down. I need to make some stabilization system to make sure that the pen goes down smoothly and does not glide side to side

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Let's dance! I got the servo working with the control program and there was both hardware and software issues I had to fix

Sometimes I only know some technical terms in English and some only in Swedish and that makes me think of questions like what a "dragavlastning" is in English

Of course I managed to destroy a completely new component

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