We should announce this server again. This is a Discord server for otherkin that has non-kin and questioning kin allowed in too and most of the members are from a server that collapsed called "Otherkinder" but with new owners


After brushing my teeth many times it tastes a bit less. It tasted literally like birdbath. One time I got the same but with cucumber

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Hmm my security camera feed just went out for a short while

I managed to get dirty pool water in my face earlier and now my mouth still tastes absolutely awful a few hours later

Mental health 

I feel like my perception of time is so skewed that everything I ever did feels like it happened yesterday


I really hate the concept of someone thinking it is ok to say ableist things to someone just because they do not like them

Abuse, Mental health 

Have you been in a situation where you have been seriously considering contacting someone that you used to know even if they were abusive towards you or even actually doing it for reasons such as lonelyiness or wanting to clear something up?

I wonder if it has been a situation in a food factory where someone has literally had to "pump up the jam"

The color scheme of my eyes are very wrong at the moment. It is like my brain loaded in the wrong texture pack or tileset

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Called the Doctors and said I was called Sophia and they thought I said "Theo" and my voice dysphoria latched on and hasn't let go (Image Source: Azul Crescent)

When I talk to people that post the same post on both mastodon and twitter and the status is really good I will like it in both places

forcefem transphobia 

My gender therapist said that I am never supposed to present male ever again after I do this and there was also courses about following gender roles which made me think of all the forcefem things I have ever seen at the same time


I hate that left wing views are seen as more "political". But I know that it is since they do not challenge the status quo

re: ableism pluralphobia transphobia 

@00dani Yeah I really start to wonder what certain views reactionaries have about things as they cannot even understand what being in the closet means

ableism pluralphobia transphobia 

I cannot believe that someone I talked to said that the reason for being a system is the same as ROGD

This could have a huge amount of uses like generate textures for games and alternate versions could be made to emulate tree log branching that often also makes you see strange things if you stare at it too long

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