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Wordplay: this FPGA belongs to the singer of Broken Wings 

Wordle result - Day 12 (Wordle 208) 

Wordle 208 4/6

Getting my initial letters into place was tricky on this one...
In the end there was just about one possibility left though. :)

1: incorrectly placed in 3, correctly in 5
2: incorrectly placed in 2 and 4, correct in 5
3: incorrectly placed in 1 and 2, correct in 5
4: All correct.

Screenreader unfriendly version, and hashtags:


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Done! Did more pencil work on this than I was intending - filled in some extra spaces and some tentacles as well as doing the gemstones. I like it though! Very spur of the moment unplanned mandala. I'll take a decent pic tomorrow in daylight.

Image alts: A mandala drawn in white ink on black card, with highlights in gold and bronze and pearlescent green, as well as a central green-blue gemstone, smaller gemstones throughout, and green-blue tentacles.

Materials in next toot

#MastoArt #Mandala

Hmm, that's kinda worrisome... I've seen my laptop's screen flicker several times over the past couple of days now... Usually just for one or two seconds, before it goes back to normal without doing anything about it, but I fear that either the ribbon cable is developing a fault, or that the screen itself is failing...

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@FiXato @ajroach42 I don't know whether you actually get styrene monomer leached out, or whether it's just other leftovers from the manufacturing process, but there's nothing in polystyrene foam that's good to have dissolved in your drink in any quantity.

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@FiXato @ajroach42 Yes, it starts to soften at 90C, and can leach chemicals into hot, oily or acidic foods. Coffee, of course, is traditionally hot, oily and acidic. If you check the inside of a cup once it's empty you'll often find that the surface is noticeably roughened.

Basically, there's a reason why Starbucks and other premium coffee places use waxed paper cups with insulating wrappers to hold them with.

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@FiXato this line's delivery is just a masterpiece. Oscar-worthy doesn't even begin to describe it.

Wordle result - Day 11 (Wordle 207) 

Wordle 207 6/6

1: two incorrectly placed, at the start and end of the word
2: two incorrectly placed, on the second and third position
3: two correctly placed, second and last spot
4: same as previous, but now also with a correct one on fourth position.
5: same as previous... what are those last two missing letters!
6: oof, finally.... got the word.


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It's interesting. I post my drawings on all kinds of social media sites, but you all here have been way more supportive than any of them. And that includes a couple of supposed 'artist-centric' sites. And sites where I have actual friends and acquaintances as followers.

So, thank you.

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Hoffman's only gone and ported Knightmare from the #MSX -> #Amiga :) (and its a bit good <3)

Also, Jesus was probably just the avatar of this simulation's bored programmer.
I mean, just look at what happened to 's in . ;)

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when a tree-herder loves your food they are a 


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Wordle result - Day 10 (Wordle 206) 

WOW! This Wordl was a tough one for me...
Started with no matches at all, with a different word than I normally start with.
Second word, just one hit, a misplaced letter on the second spot.
Third was a bit of a lame guess, with the same misplaced character on the second spot, but I wanted to be sure the same character didn't occur twice in the word.
Fourth attempt fortunately yielded some progress: the first, third and fourth letters were guessed correctly.
Fifth attempt was easy, once I looked at the few letters that were left. And Bingo, a correct guess.

206 5/6


(I did do 205 as well, but I think I forgot to copy/paste the share text. To summarise, I guessed that one in 5 turns: nothing, three misplaced letters in positions 2, 3 and 4, one correct letter in position 2, two misplaced in positions 3 and 4, two misplaced in 1 and 5 and 1 correct in 2, and all correct in the fifth attempts.)

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self promo 

i made a website! :BoostOK:

it lets you upload your song stems so other people can do remixes easily, and it gives you access to other's stems. easy and free collaboration for everyone

i wrote a joke-y ad for it that i posted in some discord servers, but it's too long to fit in a post so im just uploading a screenshot

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@ajroach42 the system I followed has a 'BiNaS' (Biology, Natuurkunde (Physics) and Scheikunde (Chemistry) class room and book, and the Algemene NatuurWetenschappen (General Nature Sciences) course/class, which tried to combine some of those aspects at least, but they were also still individual classes, and it mostly felt like an afterthought as there didn't really seem to be much coordination between these classes.

So yeah, I agree with you, so much more can be done with these subjects, and I feel like that students like me would've gotten a lot more out of a set of classes that had more of a focus on exploring concepts around a practical development. More of an applied sciences than a theoretical approach.

There've been several cases in my adult life where I thought: "oh, if they'd shown me I could've applied math/physics/whatever to this real life thing, I might've been more enthusiastic about it and/or grasped the theory better".

projects such as competitions (e.g. ) or making demos in such as or could be a very motivating way to teach , , , art, art , history and even .

Right, time to heat up leftovers... I may have not eaten enough in time today due to groceries...

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what about the Snowths, from that mahna mahna sketch, Do they? ;)

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I have really strong opinions about what is and isn't a Muppet. Whenever I tell people that they ask me about all these muppet-adjacent characters like "oh what about the vampire from sesame street, does he count?"

Uh, yeah, that's all he does

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