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is a bit of a fan of videos on YouTube (a combination of lifehacks, cooking, circuitry, construction and destruction videos), so when he wanted to watch the one where he made some children's toys, I decided to sort of copy the one he made in it.

Not as neat as his version (especially the wheels are crooked), but I first want to see how long this one survives before I make a sturdier properly measured out version. ;)

that the in soft- (and hard-)ware developer 's name is actually pronounced like the oo in goose, rather than the Nordic ø sound.

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I had planned to pull down and rebuild this garden bed this year, but the leftover scraggly bits of silverbeet have spring back to life, burdened with glorious purpose. There are also a couple of really healthy looking garlic shoots in there and I apparently missed some potatoes. I think I'll leave it alone, something's obviously going right.

A hell of a lot of apples fell off the tree into this thing, maybe that's the secret. :awesome:

#gardening #florespondence @plants

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@vanillacherry It will report mouse activity to the system so your system doesn't sleep and the logs look like you were active the whole time.

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an alternate history where SVG won over HTML. one where someone wrote some javascript that dynamically resizes the SVG viewbox depending on display resolution, and implements a grid-based layout system

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so I'm imagining an alternate universe where if you loaded a web page's SVG source in a graphics editor, you'd be able to see all the libraries it uses arranged in a neat row just outside the canvas extents

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Or, you know, use his weight to pop the box open.

Anyway, it's up on a ledge that's almost at the ceiling. If he can reach that, we have bigger issues to worry about...

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Besides, seeing how handy is with some containers, I wouldn't be surprised if he'd more easily open this one than we. xD

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Transferred the detergent pods from their new-style container to an old one we have lying around, because the new child-proof locking mechanism is also keeping the adults out...

I'd rather keep it far out of reach than have to struggle for 15 minutes every time I need a new pod...

I got a pick-up slip in the mail for a package from some French author whose name and works ring no bell at all, and it's kinda making me nervous...

The only possibly link I see is a who quoted said author in one of his creations, and whom I gave my address a while ago for some homemade chilli sauce, but AFAIK he lives in England, not France.

Guess I'll go to the post office to pick it up after I've made some food for the kid and me...

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We're creating a crop library that documents our experience with growing, harvesting, storing, and preserving various crops.

🌽 gemini://
🍅 gemini://


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anyone got anything bad to say about using a Core i7 based ThinkPad T440S with ubuntu? A friend is looking for a laptop to run ubuntu on.

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#FollowPower Today someone pulled up next to me with his tuned car and excellent audio system, and the music was good (I think?). So I asked him, what he was playing, but between his audio system, him speaking one of those Norwegian accents I don't understand, other noise, and duckducking, I'm sure, I didn't get the band's name correctly. Either it starts with "talk of... " or "thought of..." and then "knot/not/nought..."
Genre: ebm, metal, darkwave, techno... some ideas? thx 💜 :boost_ok:

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Oof... glad to be home again...
Was missing a carabiner hook, so all the additional shopping bags hung off the left side of my backpack, and thus I was packed rather unbalanced... making the trip home a rather exhausting walk. The rain also wasn't helping...

Taking a break with a before doing weekly big haul of (stuffing them into the backpack in the background).

quite possibly is my favourite non-alcoholic beer. I love the nice burning kick it has to it.

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for original post:
colourful blobs of liquid swirling around each other, accompanied by dramatic science-fiction-like music.

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RT @ShitUserStory
As a…
– Google Image Search user
I want to…
– be redirected to Pinterest
so that…
– I can use the modal overlay to create an account, to access the link to the Reddit post which has the Imgur link to the image I was looking for

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