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Pun: What do you call a group of intrusive mingling musicians? 

A Meddley

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@FiXato I just have my tripod set up on a table and a 180mm macro lens pointed at a glass or plastic backlit bowl.

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The official YouTube "Ghostbusters" account has put up a few early episodes of "Extreme Ghostbusters" in HD.

Watching the pilot now.

It's not as terrible as I was expecting.

I mean ... it's still a kids' show from the 90s. But it could be a lot worse.

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What's it called when someone stuffs you into a stillsuit and abandons you in the desert? 

Forced Fremenization.

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Middle Earth is in New Zealand, Mad Max is in Australia, therefore...

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Follow-up question: is there anything in particular people would be interested in reading about? I probably won't have time to go over anything in too much detail, but I'll be covering a lot of ground from soundalike production analysis to DSP algorithms to coding. And yeah maybe a dash of music theory too.

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uncomfortable dreams 

ugh... both dentist and toilet dreams during my nap... ending with a cat jumping on my back, almost hitting my eyes with its claws trying to hold on...

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Teachers: lithub wants to hear your stories. We’re looking for micro-essays (500-700 words) about how you and your students are doing as classrooms re-open this fall. Rate is $150 per piece; submit pitches or essays to by 9/14! #writing #education


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There are web services that won't sell your data, but there aren't web services that'll go to jail for you.

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Lorem ipsum gibberish is a placeholder for text so logoipsum...exactly.

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:ablobcatattentionreverse: N64 FOR SALE!! :ablobcatrave:

#Nintendo64 + 3 controllers + 19 games for sale for €250! The price is based on what resellers are offering. Free TV included if picked up in #Amsterdam. 🥳🥳

Downloaded the and extras for @vicorva's successfully funded , and associated . :)

Now to set aside some time in the evenings to actually read it. :)

Quarantaine is over. Kid is back at daycare. Wife is at work. My head feels fairly clear again.
Time for a cup nay a pot of , and perhaps some . :)

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Archeology news, Denmark 

Apparently a hobbyist with a metal detector found almost a whole kilogram of ornate gold jewellery from the sixth century in the edge of a field in Denmark.
Sixth century is both pre-viking age and also when the volcanic winter happened all over the world in 536CE, that is speculated to be the origin of the Ragnarok myth.

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"Hello! Do you have a minute to talk about Dracula?"

"No- wait, Dracula?"


"You're vampires?"

"Yes. We have pamphlets."

"Vampires have missionaries?"

"Where else would new vampires come from?"

"I assumed you bit people."

"There are many hurtful stereotypes. May we come in?"

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