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Torrents aren't just a pirating thing
they are a legitimate file sharing method

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In Python you cannot use the insert method to add multiple elements at the beginning of a list but you can use slicing like
a[:0] = [1, 2, 3]

Scrubbed the deck outside and cleaned the table and chairs.
Looks like I'll need to sand the table down though, and give it a new coat of paint, as it has rust spots through and under the current coat...

I love , but I hate how it's used to evade ...
I guess the next step would be a bot or module to try to normalise these strings before doing regex-matches.

Image is example output for the following code:

from unicodedata import name; chars = [f"""'{c}': ({ord(c)}, {name(c)})""" for c in "Spam message goes here"]; print('\n'.join(sorted(set(chars))))
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@TheGibson If they change to Windows OS X I would be forever grateful.

Dutch, lewd, wordplay / Nederlands, schunnige woordspeling 

"Terwijl ik mijn vrouw na tuur,
denk ik 'dat is pas mooie natuur;
die bezorg ik graag nogmaals een nat uur'"

gotta love being woken up by the buzzing of a bee and the resulting chase with a glass and paper to catch and release it outside, and the raising pulse from having your sleep interrupted by a natural predator...

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some of you folks use sourcehut too. I'm trying to figure out how to run a job when a tag is pushed and attach the resultant artifacts to the tag. Any thoughts?

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It's a start at least. More additions coming soon and maybe a terminal games and roguelikes page :0120:


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"Peter Bastian was able to play this music, with a box of straws!!!"

"Well I'm sorry, I'm not Peter Bastian."

Well... that's the toot for today, but if you want more toots like this, you know what to do; just search for my name!
Can you spell my name with me?
capital eff, lowercase eye, capital ex, lowercase a, tee, oohhh!

A closer look by at the plastic screw top of drink cartons:

Today I learnt a bit more about pages and palettes on the , especially addressed from within the language.

As a result I made some more progress on my fork of Zett Darkstone's tile-drawing editor programme and released build 24, which can now properly save your drawing (and progress) to disk.
(Actually importing it again is future exercise.)

If you want to play around with it, you can load the dsk via WebMSX

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WeeChat now supports XDG directories, used by default on first startup.
For more information:
All major features of the future and released versions are on the development page:

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Wait a second, #Thunderbird … “googleapis.cOm”?!

Probably just a typo by a sloppy programmer, but I'm not sure about uppercase letters in top level domains, so I decided to deny this.

(Screenshot: Connection alert by Obdev's Little Snitch for macOS)

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Does anyone have contact to the people operating Pluspora (

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Another little created with 's tool and tile-set.

I've actually been modifying the tool a bit to suit my own needs, especially when it comes to keyboard controls, and you can now download it from the zett-darkstone-editor repository on my GitHub page.

If you want to play around with it without installing an emulator, you can run zett-darkstone-editor from your web browser through WebMSX

Controls are on the GitHub page.

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