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As a stepping stone toward multiple windows, Lagrange v1.4 will have split-screen modes.

You essentially get two copies of the full UI side by side. Very useful for large displays, viewing something on the side, or just browsing two pages simultaneously.

This required substantial changes in the UI internals, but it'll make multiple windows a lot easier to do in the future.


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Another important part — if you’re discussing a ‘go’ cue on comms, not actually triggering one, you always use “gee oh” instead to refer to it, like an escape sequence. This is to prevent any unintended cuing.
Similarly, “stop” in case of an emergency is repeated three times, a bit like mayday in aviation.

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If your tutorial for setting up your service is going to involve , then please mention that requirement up front.

So I don't have to waste reading half of the article, and can just move on right away to an alternative solution instead.

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The aliens were awed at how Energetic humans were. Me in particular.


I barely get out of bed because of my everything.

It took them a week to communicate this because they were decidedly... not energetic.

I tried to explain I was hardly the epitome of human 'energeticness', but then they witnessed me bolt from one end of my kitchen to the other to pry an unidentified object from my pet's jaws and called off their invasion plans.


#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #SciFi

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It turns out there are currently quite a few lists on Trunk that have only two, one, or even zero people in them. Perhaps it is time to do a little cleanup?
But while we discuss that, if you wonderful people would like to give us less work, here is the list of the lists (heh!) in danger. If you happen to post about any of them, please feel free to apply over here:
The list: #Acroyoga, #AmericanFootball, #Architecture, #Calligraphy, #Cars, #Catholic, #China, #Communes, #Demoscene, #Dharma, #Georgia, #Golf, #ExoticPets, #Forth, #MakeUp #MartialArts, #Netherlands, #NWA, #Paleontology, #PipeSmoking, #Russia, #Sailing, #Scheme, #Scouts, #Unicycle, #VoiceActing, #Wrenching

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It happened! 😱

NON-PLAYER CHARACTER is officially fully funded! 420% funded, in fact! :blobCatCheer:

Thanks so much to everyone who shared or backed or did anything to support it. This has been an unbelievable success. 💙


yes, this garlic and herbs gets my approval.

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It's interesting that just three decades after Pripyat was abandoned because of the Chernobyl disaster, the forest has already reclaimed the city.

Don't let anyone convince you that reforestation is difficult. It'll happen all by itself, if people allow it to.

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Someone on IRC just mentioned there's an interactive TUI to work with pcap files (written in go) that resembles Wireshark:

Also understands Wireshark display filters, apparently.

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Any vintage electronics experts recognize these components?

sometimes I like to play a game of "who do I think boosted this post"

I suck at this game.

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It steams me up when I see CC licenses applied in places where they're meaningless.

For example, The Silent Movie Hall of Fame on the internet archive slaps a CC license blanket on it's film scans.

That's not how that works. Scanning a thing does not produce a new copyright. They don't own the thing.

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@benhamill I'll put that one in my library.

In return, when someone is ranting or upset about something, a useful response is:

"Do you want me to try to help you fix this?? Or do you just want a (cuddle|cuppa|sympathy|walk)?"

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@FiXato Absolutely. It has a lot of functionality, and needs some getting used to.

Filtering is a bit strange at first, but once you get used to it very powerful. The trick is that in filters will remove anything not matching the filter, i.e. leaving only the stuff matching visible. On the other hand, out filters will remove anything that is matching the filter. In addition you can disable/enable filters, to temporarily ignore them.

An example: Right now I'm looking for attacks agains WordPress sites, so I point lnav to my nginx access log, then add an in filter matching wp-. This filters out anything not WordPress related. Let's say I'm not too interested in login attempts, so I add an out filter matching wp-login.php. Now these uninteresting requests are removed from the view.

If on the other hand, I find a request I find interesting I can add another in filter to focus on requests similar to that one, and disable the general WordPress filter. Now I see only the interesting requests. Once I've analyzed it and don't need it anymore, I can toggle it to become an outfilter, reenable the general filter, and can now concentrate on the other requests without being disturbed by the ones I've already dealt with.

Another neat feature is you can toss multiple logs at it, and it will interleave them by the timestamps. Super useful to see how several systems interact and find bugs involving several apps or subsystems.

Progress on my subtitles/captions retrieval tool (long, about 1350 chars) 

Made some more progress on my / retrieval and formatting server script.

Caching of the video metadata and TTML captions works now, which should reduce the amount of calls to the (or other service) servers while testing.

I can now prepend a YouTube URL with my own test server's URL, and I'll get a simple text / markdown file with the video's channel name, title, upload and retrieval date, some other metadata I'm interested in, and most importantly: its manual or automatic captions in as legible plain text format as I can get it.

Once I can't think of any more improvements to add, I'll clean up the code, and publish it in a public repository.

I won't run my own public instance of it unfortunately, as I'd rather not risk my IP getting blacklisted for excessive YouTubeDL calls, but hopefully others will run with it and host their own, similar to .

In addition to a webserver frontend and its command-line interface, I hope to add a standalone graphical user interface too, so you can just run it straight from your desktop too. Though I might need some help with this.

It currently relies on youtube-dl, but I guess it might also be a good idea to add support for the official .

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lnav ( is brilliant!

If you have to wade through log files in the terminal, like you sometimes do, this tool is indispensible. I can filter and zoom in on exactly the stuff I'm interested in, and even run SQL queries against the log!

#terminal #logfile #analysis #cmdline #cli
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