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also, as I need to fix the issue of "needing to poke holes in walls between messaging systems" so that people who are comfortable with one method can speak to people who are comfortable with another ...

putting it a different way

a particular chat system or chat workflow should not be required for friends to communicate.

It should be possible for that to occur in whatever medium the friends are comfortable with.

There should be things that allow blocking of things that people find distracting if needed. There should be controls to prevent issues of bad actors or similar things that get in the way of communication.

It should be robust and distributed so that no one has to be the sole person keeping it running.

It should be something that people can use without a lot of messing about - as this is about communication with friends - and building friendships - and understanding and learning - and making new friends - NOT technology or 'do it my way'

there may be additional needed constraints later

It should not require a god damned captcha

It should not require a 'new program' - it should allow people already using the program or system of their personal comfort or workflow to be able to speak to tohers who have

it should allow cyrillic, hangul, arabic, - it should be utf-8.

It should allow and block emoji and custom emoji and stickers and so on selectively. By the operator, and by the client. (operator to allow people who are using older things like irc which have pure text based clients, including 7 bit versions, to be able to deal with this in a way that their users don't have to go write a new MSX/C64/Speccy client.)

I'm sure there are more things.

I'm thinking "conduit" here.

Suggestions? (:

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Happy 4th Birthday ! 🎂 🎈

Our first toot was on this day in 2017.

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Another interesting thing about translation, as opposed to professional interpretation, is that I have rarely met formally trained translators in the field. Rather translators tend to be people with knowledge of and experience in their respective fields (a degree in law or engineering or literature, for instance, or experience with game localization) who leverage their skills. I'd say it's a good idea for someone interested in translation to study the field they'd like to translate in and cultivate their reading and writing skills in addition to their linguistic skills.

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@Truck guess I can comment here...

I'm poro, member of 2 groups (K2 and Titan)

I do lots of code stuff, but for various things:
* Linux 4k intro tooling (smol etc.)
* Oldschoolish and midschool consoles (Nintendo GBA,DS,DSi, GCN/Wii, SNES, ...)
* Weird and obscure platforms (Pokéwalker, other random embedded devices)

I also work on reverse-engineering and emulators for some of these systems.

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I have had a great time watching revision this weekend. Should've made time for more Demoscene before now.

Thanks are due to a few folks:
@remotenemesis for reminding me that this part of our subculture was still out there and going strong

@SuricrasiaOnline for competing and getting me to pay attention.

and @Truck for running and hosting the whole thing (and repping!!!)

Thanks for making me make time to enjoy it... I really appreciate you all.

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Good progress today! While sleeping, I hope I can think of a way of porting this 3D effect to the #MSX 😅 😭 #cubedroid

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Idk where to ask this, so I'll take advantage of the #revision2021 hashtag popularity to ask this question.

Where should I start, to learn how to make demos?

I have basically zero knowledge of music or graphics programming, but since I've learned about demo I wanted to make one
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its the last compo block for #revision2021

You watching? Please to be watching (:

chilling on the sofa, watching PC rerun with @Siiw (💚 i dæ kjære), while also enjoying some cheese on crackers, and a homemade beverage.

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@lanodan @Truck @FiXato I'm actually very supportive of having something like this for next year even if the event goes back to physical - some of us can't afford the trip, got work, etc' ;)

It's the future, no reason not to add cyberspace as an extra party layer to the physical.

New (brief) article on my about : gemini://

acryd: the stream should be back online, in case, just reload the page!

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7:47 PM] acryd: We are currently having problems with the stream relays, the CCCVOC is currently investigating the problems. We will stop the Compo, and replay the last entry as soon as we are back online, stay tuned.

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seem to experience some issues with the stream at the moment.
From the channel in the :

"[7:45 PM] acryd: We experience Technical Difficulties, we are working on it!"

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