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I get a bit of the coordinator's experience here with having the clean feed on one screen, and the commentary feed on another screen; both with the audio on.

Mars Landing, Misinformation, Doctor Who 

sure looks different; has regenerated again?

"I'm not crying; you're crying!"
"I must have something in my eye"
"Ninjas must be cutting onions"
I know it's meant as a joke, and I've used one or more of these expressions myself, but I wish we would start owning feeling these emotions more, and just come out and genuinely say something made us cry or brought a tear to our eyes.

physical health (-) 

I hope it's just because of handling that dusty Amiga yesterday that I'm feeling like crap today...

The monitor cable (if I actually had one; can't remember that), unfortunately wasn't included in this shipment, so I'll have to wait for the second and final shipment with the other machine to properly test it, but I should be able to use the video adapter to test it via antenna cable. :) Hopefully my monitor understands the video signal. ;)

Anyway, first a bunch of cleaning and making space for hooking it up. :)

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One of my machines has arrived from the :D
Seems to have arrived in one piece. Haven't tried connecting it yet, as I wanted to check the board for leaking caps, and to give the case and keyboard a sorely needed sponge-bath...
After opening it, I did notice a crack in the case, though I can't be sure if it happened in transit, or during opening it up, but it's nothing a bit of glue and baking soda won't be able to fix. Same with a couple of spacer bits on the inside.

parenting (+) 

Hearing your kid say "igjen" ("again") after wrestling with him, tossing him around on the sofa and tickling him. <3

Unfortunately his stamina is greater than mine, so I switched over to letting him do 'sit-ups' while holding my hands and counting in Dutch, English and Norwegian. :)

This food critic/presenter of The Big Family Cooking Showdown certainly likes to use the word 'stodgy'; a word I'm still not quite sure I know what it means. Dense? Clumped together?

nasa apollo thoughts 

[Copy pasted from a text message convo hence the odd style]
You know what fuckin
Toasts my noodle
Scrambles my bonce
I thought the navigation in Apollo was all dead reckoning from an initial calibration on earth plus Doppler radar calculations from earth
But no they literally learned 70+ stars and constellations
And looked through a special sextant attached to the command module
And input the Yaw Pitch Roll angles to the guidance computer
To calibrate it
And in the case of Apollo 13 when they had to switch off the whole system to save power, had to do all that without even having the IMU as backup
Makes me kind of emotional
That interplanetary space navigation was literally done the same way as ship navigation a thousand years ago

I have dogfooded, tested and carried around my personal MNT Reform every day for the last weeks and am ready to finalize all production firmware and the system image for the first release now.

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SOMA (game) 

The ending(s) of were good.
I enjoyed watching 's of that . :)

But Simon sure is kinda thick...


since we're out of bread (and I don't have the spoons for baking one), I whipped up a quick batter already, and put it in the fridge.
Tomorrow I'll just need to add some baking powder before frying up a batch of .

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