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"Hmm, why does via no longer work... Let's update "
"No, that didn't do it"
"Oh, wait, let's try the other installed / versions"
"No, still not"
"Oh, right, the mpv I am using comes from scoop on Windows, rather than via ..."
launches command prompt and runs pip install --upgrade youtube-dl from there

Some scary observations from the cURL maintainer about URL interoperability:

(apparently browsers will happily convert http:\\ to http:// !)

(activation issue resolved?) re: Windows 

So, even though there was no clear indication the system wasn't already activated, it seems all I had to do was copy the product key from wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey and paste that into "change product key" to re-activate the system.
Now it says the system is permanently activated, for now at least.

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This is called a "roof snake". Also called referred to as a shingle nail puller among other roof-related terms. Watching the DIY version being made seems just so satisfying. One day, I should try to make my own

Unintentional Captain Subtext (-) 

I hate how my brain thinks this toot by @PleasantSubToots is sarcasm...


Today is the 10000th day of Eternal September. I wrote something about social media and stuff, inspired by this and the recent events.

*Thoughts on the 10000th of September | viznut*

The origin of Passport.mid 

that the file that users might be familiar with, apparently originally came from the :

Thank you Clint, of / !

What I want to achieve with this project is being able to create sort of portal pages around topics where I collect toots and toot storms that I find interesting, and might want to easily share on a single page.

Though if those toots aren't just by myself, I guess the appropriate thing to do would be to get permission to re-publish them, even though I'd only work with public (and perhaps unlisted) toots.

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Okay, so I got a rudimentary first version of working, which is yet another .

It allows me to create a directory structure with simple files in it, which will be converted into , where each list item that refers to a toot URL (for now only Mastodon style URLs with numeric IDs are supported), gets expanded to the bare minimum content of that status, along with (optionally) any replies to it.

re: Request for donation solution recommendations (KoFi, buyMeACoffee, Paypal, Liberapay, etc) 

@espen being able to credit would be nice, but I guess not necessary. :)
Having an anonymous option might be nice to have though, in case some would prefer to remain anonymous.

(Though if for some unlikely reason I'd get a single large amount without knowing the source, it I'm not sure how I'd deal with an anonymous donation...)

It's an interesting question; thanks for raising it. :)

As for Ko-fi / Buy Me A Coffee:

  • I'm not planning supporter-only posts
  • I honestly can't imagine someone wanting to support me on a monthly basis
  • I don't have a shop, nor have plans for one
  • Commissions might be an option, but I kinda doubt the 5% fee of Ko-fi would end up being higher than the fixed 6 USD monthly fee of Ko-fi Gold, and either way BMAC charges the same fixed fee AFAIK.

So, feature-wise I think I'd be fine with just Ko-fi Free, and then BMAC would probably be the worse option, based on fees?

Request for donation solution recommendations (KoFi, buyMeACoffee, Paypal, Liberapay, etc) 

@FiXato I guess one question to ask is do you want to know who donated, for lets say for giving credits/shoutouts to those donated? If so then Liberapay is out since its anonymous.

And as far as I can remember when I attempted researching this, KoFi and BMAC is pretty much the same, main difference is that KoFi have a free and a premium version, while BMAC gives you all the features right away, but takes a higher fee out of your donations.

Request for donation solution recommendations (KoFi, buyMeACoffee, Paypal, Liberapay, etc) 

If I want to put up a tip-jar of sorts for folx to toss me a few coins for the various / creative related things I do, what services would you recommend?

Especially interested in hearing stories from people who have actually used multiple.

So, if you have any for or against things like , , , , , etc, please let me know. :)

re: Windows 

oh, great, so that warning will pop up every hour or so from now on?

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is testing his new setup for his hardware.
He's currently playing some on real hardware over on

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