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I kind of understand why pet owners get into the "fur baby" thing because there's a parental aspect of taking care of them, trying to teach them to live in the world, and —

brb cat's eating the lamp again

stuff parents/pet owners say 

@docskrzyk @randomgeek

  • "No, don't climb on that"

  • "Honey, it's your turn to clean up the sick"
    — "Fine, but then you change the next litterbox/diaper"

  • "The little one kept me up all night again..."

  • "They're so picky with their food..."

  • "Aww, they fell asleep on my lap"

  • "Want to see pictures of our little one?"

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I had no luck on other channels, so let's try here.
Are there any #blind or #VisuallyImpaired people using @libreoffice with #NVDA? If so, what tricks do you have to make it less laggy and unpredictable?
Over here, it freezes all the time. Even when reading a completely normal plain-text document, it will suddenly decide that it would rather not read certain lines anymore, and become unresponsive for up to half a minute. Then it'll behave as normal for a little while, only to die once more once you try moving back to the top.
I had to replace my hard drive and didn't have Microsoft Word backed up. I'd love to switch, but that doesn't look like it's an option.

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Good afternoon fellow PDA-interested weirdos. I wanna see the PDAs you recently acquired and/or dug out of your closet. What you got? #PalmOS #PDA

re: font sampling thread: OpenDyslexic 

@ljwrites this indeed looks like a good alternative to ! I like its playful look.

re: font sampling thread: Inconsolata 

@ljwrites there's also a distinct difference between the closing single quote and the closing double quote, so it doesn't look like a triple quote, which is good. :)
It's a bit curious though that the bold closing double quote seems to be hanging lower than in the other styles. (note how there's a bit of space above the top of the double quote, and the 'tails' are lower than that of the single quote, whereas in the other styles there's no top margin, and the tails are higher than the single quote's)
A minor thing, but it stood out to me. :)

The r indeed has more room to breathe, but I can't unsee the seeming gap between r and o in brown. :)

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made a pull request for #freedoom that adjusts key graphics to be more colorblind friendly. red keys have a horizontal line on them, yellow keys a vertical line, and blue keys an X shape.

also adjusted skullkey icons to have horns and shapes like actual skull keys. #accessibility

@ljwrites @s0 Drew DeVault's article might also be useful: gemini://

Though from what I gathered, he doesn't convert from markdown to gemtext.

re: television, b5 

@craigmaloney and much like Doctor Who xD

@kelbot so, time for another PSP-like collection? ;)

@halcy looks like they've... settled... down nicely ;)

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Crafting help? 

Has anyone done shaker tape weaving (for a chair seat) and would be willing to answer a couple newbie questions? Thanks!


@apLundell lol, hadn't heard that, but it wouldn't surprise me. :)

Imho it might've been a better match for that Sarah Jane spin-off, if it was already/still going at that time. @technomancy @Taweret

Okay, I really don't like seeing 'speaking foreign language' in captions, but seeing 'speaking in language x' when the character is actually speaking in language y probably is even worse...

Yes, House was speaking Spanish to the Latin American woman previously, but in this scene he was mockingly saying "Sayonara", a Japanese word...

I originally planned to just get a brief walk to get a bit of fresh air and change of scenery after having been stuck at home with a cold for several days. It ended up being a fairly long trip including several grocery stops (yes, I wore a mask).

Hope I didn't end up borrowing too many spoons from tomorrow...

At least I got enough distance in for the bronze medal in the , as well as most groceries for the rest of the week I think.

I was having similar considerations. On the one hand it has just 4 profiles, though several of them have cryptocurrency profile fields, and something that looks like a bank number.
On the other hand a bunch of the posts look innocent; facebook-like game posts that imho don't have a place on the fediverse, but that might be a cultural difference.
It's in a language I don't understand though (I assume it's Thai), and I don't really have the spoons to forward the pages to a machine translator from my phone now. So, for now I just let it be.
@Mayana @ghost_bird

sure, I would've agreed if that episode wasn't based around a character that was the winning creation of a kids competition. :)
@apLundell @Taweret

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