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@aral I've seen your recent posts about modern CLI tools and I know you are a passionate designer, so maybe you'll like the following!?😉

Pastel - A command-line tool to generate, analyze, convert and manipulate colors:

@Siiw is making Darth Vader sounds while changing the little one...

I love my geeky wife <3

he's not yet three years old, so I am impressed nonetheless. :)

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just now:
starts spelling out letters that are on the TV screen:



eh, no dear, we do watch Star Trek on Netflix, but it's not how you spell that xD
So, I spelled it phonetically with him, and he finished with saying Netflix out loud instead. :)

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"I've been trying to find a space to keep track of my thoughts on various things for a few years but I always seem to spend time fiddling with tech and not actually posting or writing."

I was saying I'd start a blog for YEARS. I never actually tried that hard. I didn't want to fiddle with a web server, site generator etc. I did want a selfhosted site to write about things I enjoy but not badly enough to do all that. Gemini is so simple that I don't mind the little bit of fiddling.

Stuffed Animals: The Next Generation re: Stuffed animals / teddy bears, showing quite some wear and tear 

Of course after saw me take photographs of my own stuffed animals, he wanted to take pictures of his too.

So after I put mine away, I told him to collect his own onto the sofa, and we spend an hour or so taking pictures of him with all his teddy bears collectively and individually.

Obviously I'm not going to share identifiable pics of him here, but here are a couple where he's obscured by his toys that I feel are okay :)

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My daughter just asked me what i'd tell 15 year old given the chance, and that took me a minute. 15 year old me was pretty awful and not a great listener.

I finally settled on, just because you've got a clever answer doesn't mean you understood the question. Kindness is a weight; it's always easier to be cruel. But there's more strength to be found in lifting people up than pushing them down.

re: Star Trek: Picard S2 trailer "8 things you might've missed" 

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Star Trek: Picard S2 trailer "8 things you might've missed"
Oh my... in S2's look... I think I might have a little man-crush...

Dutch, SMS berichten Mark Rutte etc omtrent Corona situatie Nederland 

Misschien naïef van mij, maar ik had toch professioneler taalgebruik verwacht van de minister president... zelfs in SMS.

Stuffed animals / teddy bears, showing quite some wear and tear 

Stuffed animals family portrait

A discussion on Twitch made me want to take some photographs of the stuffed animals / teddy bears that kept me company during my own childhood.
All of these are three to four decades old, and some of them (especially and Snuffie the rabbit) are showing quite some wear and tear... :(

Too much at least for me to feel comfortable letting play with them, but they got careful hugs from him nevertheless.

I have some better photos on my DSLR camera, but sharing from my phone camera was far easier.

See their for more details, and the story of how Ted got reunited with Little Ted.

@nilsding today was the second day in a row that it was 13:37 when I looked at the clock.

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@devrandom Something I learned from watching Big Clive:

The components used for surge protection don't always fail catastrophically. They can slowly be whittled to death by lots of little surges. A good surge protector has indicator lights on it to tell you when they've failed. But if you have one without lights, and it's starting to get really warm in one spot, or the case is starting to discolor/melt, that's a good sign they've failed. Replace it.

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"It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose; that is not a weakness, that is Life."

towards Data in

watched a review video of it, or so I thought. It wasn't till the end of the video wondering why the reviewer mentioned 5G support and a 5000 mAh battery rather than 6000 mAh that I realised the review was for the Redmi NOTE 9T, rather than the Redmi 9T (so without 'Note' in its name) that I'm considering...

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Anyone on here experience with the ?
Currently considering the as a replacement for my , and wouldn't mind some personal feedback of Fedi-folx :)

Step 'n' Ride

these motorised electric scooters are becoming a more common sight now that is renting these out, and they can be left just about anywhere within a certain radius.

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Wrote up a guide for telling Gnome what a .gmi file is so it can recognize gemtext on a network share where it's not checking the file contents. This had the added bonus of letting me define Lagrange as the type's default app and gedit as an alternate.



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