Went into one of my ' boxes' filled with old receipts, stickers, , souvenirs and other from vacation trips, , and other , that a normal person would turn into a I guess. I was hoping to find one of those construction bricks I was looking for in my earlier post.
While I didn't find that, I did find some lovely in that , such as stuff from

Looking for the name of a construction toy from my youth 

Spent some time trying to find the name of some from the or that I used to play with in my .

I can't quite remember the design of the bricks, so I drew four designs that I could imagine. Not sure if there was a single type of brick, or if there were two different ones that were meant to be used together.

You could lock these together to form various geometric shapes or weird structures. Either by locking the sides together, or by inserting one or two into the middle of another.

I was first reminded of these by seeing 'Plus-Plus' in a shop here in Norway, but those aren't quite the same as the ones I remember growing up in the . is rectangular, while the ones from my are square-shaped instead, and had a plus-shaped hole in the middle.

I had sort of forgotten about them again after the last time I looked for their name, but since I dreamt about them last night, I figured I'd this time. :)

One letter to the left from "git" is "fur".
Make of this what you will.

fur pull mane
fur add .
fur commit
fur push origin mane

(Is this a gitpost?)

video description for How I Met Your Mother clip re: "moist," unintentional lewd innuendo in children's book 

@ljwrites Video description for video link in parent toot:
Ted in the bar retelling a conversation his then-partner Robin and he had about moisturiser. Their friend Lily reacting in disgust at the word 'moist'.
Then a jumpcut to later in the episode or season, where their friend Barney has put on an experimental theatre show in which he recites the word 'moist' repeatedly at his friends, but at Lily in particular, followed by him squirting water at her with a toy water gun.

re: "moist," unintentional lewd innuendo in children's book 

@ljwrites Obligatory clips:

The video quality is terrible, but you get the point. ;)

Video description in unlisted follow-up toot.

@antolius their channel is full of those outtakes they've put back into the original videos, and it's brilliant. :D
But getting some cross-pollination of other work by Sir Stewart just makes it extra funny xD

I can't remember what episode it was from, but there was also a bit where Data replied with the duration of something. Not sure if it was the script, or doing his usual trolling, but it came out as something like "73 years, 15 months, x days, etc, etc".
It wasn't till someone pointed it out that I realised that it was weird to say 15 months, rather than 74 years and 3 months... 🤔

@antolius do you just happen to be at that episode in your re-watch, or were you inspired by this clip from the same episode ?

(and a tad more lewd version which also includes a sample from on an episode of 's show: youtube.com/watch?v=ZPthih3uL5)

When the existing tools to browse ingame prices of items just suck and you end up just writing a Grafana plugin to be able to display it in your existing dashboards.. blog.schoentoon.blue/posts/rsg
The Grafana go sdk is surprisingly easy to work with

@schoentoon anyway, nice article despite me not playing that game or using anything like :P

@schoentoon "Unfortunately like the graph API responses kind of imply, the updates don’t happen at UTC midnight."
But don't you later show that they do occur at midnight UTC?

Interesting how a toot can remain quiet for weeks, and then after an single boost by someone, suddenly gets more activity than it had initially.

@woozle I sure hope that pun won't have a...
chilling effect
on your reputation. ;)

To coldly go where snowman has gone before!

I hereby release this shitpost to the public domain in the hope that it will successfully breed with others of its kind, thus helping to preserve the species.

re: lewd, Git 

@ljwrites fork me and find out.
I'm quite hook'ed on the pull requests though...

re: lewd, Git 

@ljwrites I think you need to rebase that statement.

@ljwrites well, of course you are free to edit your sshd config and set AuthorizedKeysFile to "%h/authorised_kiss" ;)

unfortunate neonazi jargon Chinese slang crossover 

huh, can't say I've heard of either meaning of 88 before.

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