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uses his toy saw to separate the two halves of a chocolate cream biscuit. ><

At a playground with . Listening to some music while scrolling through the timelines and researching some ideas for my YouTube captions script, while the kiddo is filling and emptying his bucket with sand and stones.

And while I was at it, I decided to a tree by a lake with some happy clouds. ;)

wanted to eat the red apples from the tree, so after he 'grabbed' a couple from the drawing, I filled his plate with some actual apple slices. ;)

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Been with 's on the paper right in front of him. Hopefully it shows him that drawing can be more than just single strokes, spirals and dots. :)

Used his favourite as an example. :)

Perspective isn't great, but it turned out better than I'd expected to be honest. :D

I was hoping could help me sort , but he prefers shoving them around with his bulldozer, and loading them up in his instead, undoing any sorting I might've done 😅

Not sure what was wrong about that one banana, or the way I opened it, but it was reason for a full on tantrum from .

He's eating another now, but at least he's enjoying his fruit...

oof... I liked it better when regularly slept in...

Oof... it's earlier than I thought... but decided it was time to wake up...

Part of me liked it better when thought was scary or otherwise thought he was a reason to play a different video...

Sure, he's informative, but that overacting really grinds my gears. ><

re: Bread Photos re: Breadposting 

approves of the homemade bread too! :D

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Food, parenting 

Whipped up some as that was the only suggestion that didn't get a firm no from ...

While I was frying them, he helped himself to the too.

While I'm glad he likes my pancakes, I'd prefer if he just ate bread. ;) Then again, it's anyway. :)

parenting (+) 

Hearing your kid say "igjen" ("again") after wrestling with him, tossing him around on the sofa and tickling him. <3

Unfortunately his stamina is greater than mine, so I switched over to letting him do 'sit-ups' while holding my hands and counting in Dutch, English and Norwegian. :)

Let's hope the grocery shop I'll go out in the cold to, actually still has diapers for the little one...

Parenting (+) 

Huh, that's the second time 's night ritual went about as perfect as it could be. <3

No complaints while changing into his night clothes, brushing teeth went smoothly and he was even laughing and giggling while doing so, and he even wanted to go straight to his own bed, rather than drifting off in mine first!

Let's hope this sticks!


Started an alt for @FiXato here on to see if is a closer match to what I want out of a , feature-wise.
So, it's time for a re-introduction:

Who am I?

I'm FiXato, a stay-at-home father of a two-year-old I often refer to as .
While I was born in the Netherlands, I've been living in northern Norway for quite some time now.

What do I do?

In day-to-day life I take care of our son while the missus is at work, and when I have some spare time and headspace, I like to tinker on my various coding projects.

Aside from that, I like to play some mobile Android games such as , and .

Overview in hashtags:



Fan of:


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