Looking forward to when it's time for the kids to go to bed again...

When @Siiw went to pick up from daycare earlier, she forgot her phone.
Since I didn't want her to potentially worry she'd dropped it somewhere outside in the snow, I quickly threw on a coat and gloves and went after her.

When I came into daycare, one of the kids kids called out: "BeardGrabber, you're getting picked up a second time!” 😂


positive gaming memories and parental death memories, long post (3200+ chars) 

Watching a YouTube-recommended video about how a 60+ year old woman got into , is making me wonder what multiplayer my and I might've been playing now if she were still alive.

During my childhood she probably was the person I've played the most with. From Tetris to card games to Super Mario Kart to Mario 64 to RPGs such as Lufia 2 and Secret of Evermore / Mana to even the occasional fighting game, even though her preference wasn't quite with those. And it wasn't just out of a supervisory point of view either; she thoroughly enjoyed playing games, and did quite a bit of it alone too.

The home computer or console would often be on with some puzzle, card or role playing game when I came home from school, and if either of us got stuck in some game, we'd usually find a solution together. Probably some of my best childhood memories right there.

She never quite got into PC gaming. Maybe with her dwindling eyesight it was easier to play on a TV than a monitor, or because the PC was upstairs in a bedroom that was crammed with storage stuff rather than a cosy warm livin room, or quite possibly it was the mouse + keyboard controls, or it was the games? She did like some of the PopCap games on it though, as well Puzzle Bobble / Bust-A-Move, and a bunch of flash games on the Bowland Central forums, so I'd say it's more likely a mix of the other reasons.

She passed away before I moved to Norway, so we never really had much or a reason to look into what online multiplayer games we could play together, though we did try out some free to play multiplayer game with fishing mechanics and a SNES Zelds æsthetic once; I remember another player not believing she was my mother.

If she were still alive, I think we might've ended up playing World of Warcraft together, though probably on a free third party server. I briefly played it with the missus (though she's far more dedicated to it than I was), though can't quite remember why I stopped. Probably because my subscription ended? Or due to hardware failure?
Anyway, since my mother liked RPGs, I think that WoW or Diablo 3, or something similar might've been a good fit for us.

Eventually I stopped keeping up with consoles. Didn't get a PS2 till late in its cycle, and I only got a PS3 and 360 just a couple of years ago because I could get them cheap. While I do have a bunch of games for them, and have played quite a bit of some of them, I'm not as much of a console gamer anymore. Most of my gaming is on mobile with , and , and part of that is more because I played them extensively when they came out, and don't want to stop playing them because of all the time already put into them, and in part because I play them with the missus and have fond memories of actively playing them with her.

Writing this I wonder now if part of the reason that console gaming took a backseat over the years is not just lack of time and changing interests, but also or more so that I lost my gaming buddy? Games are so much better when shared... Maybe I should play some more console games again, and see if it sparks the same interest in .

Love and miss you mum.💚

parenting re: Food preparation 

Preparing the is taking quite a bit longer as is helping.
The sheer joy from being allowed to do so certainly makes up for the extra time and effort used though. :D

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Father's Day 

Happy Father's Day, God Folkens


Got some from the little one (in a cup from last year's, or from my previous birthday), a bouquet of yellow roses, as well as a new handpainted mug not in the picture.
Currently waiting for boiled eggs too. 💚

Today's delay while getting to barnehage / daycare, was a warm wool-cap with earflaps that he didn't want to wear.
It's getting colder, so rather than giving in, I left him sulking in the hallway for a while this time, till he agreed to keep it on.
When later, while he was out and about in his pram, I asked him if it was nice and warm with it on, he had to agree that it was. :)
Hopefully the next time he'll remember that and will just willingly put it on.

I understand that he doesn't like his ears covered, or to have a strap underneath his chin to hold it in place, but he'll just keep lifting the regular caps above his ears, and since he's already had 2 ear infections, that just doesn't sound like a good idea. :)

and I made a 'bilbil' (his word for a 'bil transport' or car transporter / car carrier) with , and he's having fun loading and unloading it with his cars and other toys now. :)
He also came up with an elevator for it; two bricks of duplo stacked on top of each other, which slides up and down between the two support beams on the side of the trailer. :D

Love seeing his develop. <3

When you've been out and about all day and would really like to go inside to unpack groceries and sit down for a bit before continuing on housework, but the 3yo would rather stay out and play with his dumptruck toys in the ...


Parenting (kid's health, -) 

... ear infection. :(

I really should've put a few cable ties or something through the whole of that key before letting play with this . 🤦‍♂️😅😖

(It's also why I prefer that need the key to be inserted to actually lock them...)

Tried cutting a copy out of a tin can, but all I got out of that was a small cut. The metal probably was not thick and sturdy enough, or it might also have needed the raised edge on the side. Guess I could look up instructions for a no.130.

Fortunately I should still have some other locks in a storage box, and am not in urgent need for one. :) Might find a spare key too, if I look for it; else I can always cut or file through the key. :)


Had our first progress talk at 'barnehage' (daycare).
Happy to hear is doing well. :D
Also glad that him speaking a mix of English and Norwegian is no problem, and that they are stimulating both.

He's happy and they like having him there.

has learned now how to open a padlock with a key.

Next step, lockpicking tools? ;)

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Earlier today I literally laughed out loud at something in while was watching it.

The family was looking at old family pictures:

Mummy Pig:

"and that's the lovely flower garden Grandpa Pig made for us"

Peppa Pig (the daughter of the family):

"where is the flower garden now?"

Mummy Pig:

"Daddy Pig looked after it"

Creative with Kitchenrolls

is a bit of a fan of videos on YouTube (a combination of lifehacks, cooking, circuitry, construction and destruction videos), so when he wanted to watch the one where he made some children's toys, I decided to sort of copy the one he made in it.

Not as neat as his version (especially the wheels are crooked), but I first want to see how long this one survives before I make a sturdier properly measured out version. ;)


Besides, seeing how handy is with some containers, I wouldn't be surprised if he'd more easily open this one than we. xD

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The little one immediately rushed off to play with the other kids and toys when we came into the kindergarten and had washed his hands. I had to ask him for a hug and a kiss goodbye first. ;)
As the wife said yesterday: I'm not sure if I should feel relieved or insulted. xD

Let's see if I can get some coding and housework done before I need to pick him up from his third day. :)

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