Earlier today I literally laughed out loud at something in while was watching it.

The family was looking at old family pictures:

Mummy Pig:

"and that's the lovely flower garden Grandpa Pig made for us"

Peppa Pig (the daughter of the family):

"where is the flower garden now?"

Mummy Pig:

"Daddy Pig looked after it"

Creative with Kitchenrolls

is a bit of a fan of videos on YouTube (a combination of lifehacks, cooking, circuitry, construction and destruction videos), so when he wanted to watch the one where he made some children's toys, I decided to sort of copy the one he made in it.

Not as neat as his version (especially the wheels are crooked), but I first want to see how long this one survives before I make a sturdier properly measured out version. ;)


Besides, seeing how handy is with some containers, I wouldn't be surprised if he'd more easily open this one than we. xD

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The little one immediately rushed off to play with the other kids and toys when we came into the kindergarten and had washed his hands. I had to ask him for a hug and a kiss goodbye first. ;)
As the wife said yesterday: I'm not sure if I should feel relieved or insulted. xD

Let's see if I can get some coding and housework done before I need to pick him up from his third day. :)

I remember how excited I felt when I saw a garland and other decorations when I came downstairs one of my early , so I blew up a couple of balloons and combined them with a one for our kid's third .

I hope you'll be just as excited πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’›

Got a foil balloon in the shape of a 3 with a tiger print too, but that one's hidden in the bedroom's closet, so I'll have to wait with inflating that till tomorrow.


As I walked through the shopping mall yesterday, two kids were pretending to pull out a tape measure over the floor and something like "jump over the rope".

I don't think they expected me to actually make a running jump over it. ;)

So, I give a cup of juice. Apparently he thought it was milk, because he says the Norwegian word for milk just before he takes a sip.

As I walk back to the kitchen to grab a glass of cola for myself, I correct him by saying it's juice.

Now, before I realise it, I've not only grabbed a mug instead of a glass, but also poured myself milk instead of the cola I was planning to get xD

Did I just get 'd by the kid?

I can't sing, I can't dance...

Whenever I do, will go 'nuh-uh!', or puts his hands on my mouth, or worse, starts crying. ><

I swear, I'm not such a bad singer. As for dancing, what I lack in style I make up in enthusiasm? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

So, maybe I should start doing both to
youtube.com/watch?v=hGI2d31M7N ( - )

Some more with today. This time a bunch of and some colourful flowers while the kiddo grabbed the colours for me, and added his own strokes and points to it. :)


and I had some fun earlier together with his .
He was mostly spreading water and random colours onto the paper, and I tried to bring it all together into this colour . :)

just now:
starts spelling out letters that are on the TV screen:



eh, no dear, we do watch Star Trek on Netflix, but it's not how you spell that xD
So, I spelled it phonetically with him, and he finished with saying Netflix out loud instead. :)

Stuffed Animals: The Next Generation re: Stuffed animals / teddy bears, showing quite some wear and tear 

Of course after saw me take photographs of my own stuffed animals, he wanted to take pictures of his too.

So after I put mine away, I told him to collect his own onto the sofa, and we spend an hour or so taking pictures of him with all his teddy bears collectively and individually.

Obviously I'm not going to share identifiable pics of him here, but here are a couple where he's obscured by his toys that I feel are okay :)

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parenting, disgusting 

I guess the little one ate or drank something wrong, or something that didn't mix well...

That was fun to clean up... but at least it wasn't in the middle of a car, in the middle of winter, just before Christmas...

Fortunately he's full of energy and happy again. :)

If it'd happened earlier on the day, I'd have attributed it to stress from his introduction to preschool this morning (which went very well, and far better than I'd feared! No crying or anything, and he actually didn't want to leave when we were finished with our intake talk), but we've done plenty of other things since.

Well... that's the toot for today, but if you want more toots like this, you know what to do; just search for my name!
Can you spell my name with me?
capital eff, lowercase eye, capital ex, lowercase a, tee, oohhh!

update: the dino now either is blinded by raisins, or has increased sight by getting raisin-sized eyes.

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It's both worrying and convenient that three-year-old knows how to open the fridge, get the milk carton from it, close it, bring it into living room, and open the carton.

(Note: no, I am not neglecting him. He still had milk, but apparently decided he wanted more before starting drinking...)

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