My current WeeChat setup

Since it's come up in conversation a couple of times in the past week (waves at @snowdusk__ and @yarmo), here's a of my current setup (though with different buffers selected than my usual arrangement).

"What am I looking at on the screenshot?"

A buffer list ¹ on the left. Buffers represent the channels, private message streams and status timelines from the various chat media you are connected to.
Side the buffer list are a variety of horizontally and vertically panes, which @weechat called 'windows', each window showing the contents of one
² of the buffers.

"What buffers are visible in these window panes?"

From top left to bottom right these are:

"What's making it work?"

All running in a terminal multiplexer session, running under on , in the client.

(Repost to fix an at-mention...)


¹ though I still use script rather than the built-in buflist plugin because I'm too lazy to migrate my settings to make it look and act in the way I've gotten used to.
² or more, as buffers can be merged, displaying the contents of each of the merged buffers chronologically in the same window pane.


Briefly set up my tonight. Was the first time since I moved it from the to several years ago, so it was a relief to see it was still working properly. :)

Had some minor issues getting the video output to display properly (it was scrolling, banding and skewed), but reseating the SCART cable seemed to fix it. I guess either a bad cable or connexion, or the LED monitor didn't properly recognise the signal.
Slight issues with some keys on the keyboard not being recognised some times, but that might also be the cable / connector, or just dirty matrix inside.

Don't really have the space atm to set it up permanently, so it's back in its original box again, but it was good to see it was still working fine!

When I do set it up more permanently, I should resolder the voltage jumper to switch it from 220V to 240V so the power supply will run less hot. (Which means I should actually get a soldering iron some day...)

Disk magazine "FutureDisk" to return to the MSX scene (1500+ chars) 

FutureDisk to return to the MSX scene

In the land of for the , was one of the more well-known and longer lived ones, with almost 50 editions of its disk magazine. Now, more than 20 years later, a bunch of the former crew along with some fresh blood, are planning to return in 2022 with a new issue of FutureDisk! Its first new release is expected to be released at MSX Fair Nijmegen 2022 before a world-wide release online.

What is a disk magazine?

A , for those unaware, was/is something akin to a ; a collection of creative content, presented on disk media.
For the MSX scene this often included reviews of software such as games, other disk magazines and (digital) music collections, as well as guides, game hints, music covers in form, scene news, demos, , etc. All presented in a digital interface with nice graphics, animations, music and scrollers. ;)
See for instance this overview of FutureDisk 01 for an example of what you could expect on one.

Who will be involved?

MSX sceners such as , (who you might also know from his involvement in OCRemix projects), Pat, , and .

Where to follow updates?

The comments section of the FD2022 announcement on and are probably a good place to start.

English translation re: Old Dutch newspaper article about the MSX2 game "Metal Gear" 

English machine translation of Dutch newspaper article about for the posted in top post:

«'Playing war in South Africa'
Konami continues to make them; the 'games that catch the young'. At least our youthful 'tester' can no longer get away from the computer.
The latest from Konami (importer Salasan Amsterdam) is called 'Metal Gear'. From a safe distance we watch the
performances of our poker virtuoso. One thing is soon clear: it's about collecting as many unlikely weapons as possible and taking out every opponent that appears. In this respect the game does not differ one millimeter from the action games currently appearing on the market in large numbers. Still, it wouldn't be Konami if there wasn't a very attractive background with many surprises in which the game takes place. Beautiful graphics and variations enough in this new game for the MSX2.
Who would come up with those game introductory texts in the manual anyway? In this case it is about social
unrest, terrorist acts and an imminent revolution in the heavily armed Outer Heaven, 'a country in South Africa' according to the text. A homeland? The country has also developed a destructive weapon codenamed 'Metal Gear'. And that's largely what it's about.
The player is 'Solid Snake', a member of the secret army, who must search for that terrible weapon to destroy it. The start of the game is in a heavily secured building. Moving cameras, electrified floors and of course a superior number of guards who are not afraid to shoot you upside down if you discover them. Once a guard or a camera catches your eye, a major alarm is immediately raised and it is an almost hopeless struggle to stay alive. Guards storm at you from all sides after which the better hitting, kicking and shooting work can begin.
To cross the electrified floors, you'll need controllable missiles to launch a normally un-
accessible, power switch to pieces. Hundreds of halls with now and then plenty of opportunities to hide from the guards or the cameras. You have to loot different armories to get better
to arm.
This new Konami has everything to keep the player off the streets for quite some time. It's our only one
mystery why a pure fantasy game needs to be given a pinch of reality by the name
of an existing country. The game-maker is moving into dangerous territory with this.
Konami's note for the 'connoisseurs': This game cannot be used together with Game Master.
MSX2 module 79,—.

Image: Cover of Konami's latest MSX2 module: 'Metal Gear'.»

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Old Dutch newspaper article about the MSX2 game "Metal Gear" (image + original Dutch text) 

newspaper article about Metal Gear for the homecomputer, titled "Oorlogje spelen in Zuid-Afrika", originally published in "Het vrije volk : democratisch-socialistisch dagblad". Rotterdam, 28-11-1987, p. 29.
Retrieved via Delpher on 2021-07-14:

«'Oorlogje spelen in Zuid-Afrika'
Konami blijft ze maken. De 'spellen die de jongeren pakken'. Onze jeugdige 'tester' is tenminste niet meer achter de computer vandaan te slaan.
De nieuwste van Konami (importeur Salasan Amsterdam) heet 'Metal Gear'. Van een veilige afstand bekijken wij de
verrichtingen van onze speelpook-virtuoos. Eén ding is al snel duidelijk: het gaat om het verzamelen van zo veel mogelijk onwaarschijnlijke wapens en het uitschakelen van elke zich vertonende tegenstander. Daarin 'wijkt het spel voor geen millimeter af van de thans in grote aantallen op de markt verschijnende actie-spellen. Toch zou het Konami niet zijn als er niet een zeer aantrekkelijke achtergrond met vele verrassingen zou zijn bedacht waarin het spel zich afspeelt. Mooie plaatjes en variaties genoeg in dit nieuwe spel voor de MSX2.
Wie zou toch die spel-inleidende teksten in de handleiding bij elkaar verzinnen? In dit geval gaat het om sociale
onrust, terroristische acties en een op handen zijnde revolutie in het zwaar gewapende Outer Heaven, 'een land in Zuid-Afrika' volgens de tekst. Een thuisland? Tevens heeft het landje een vernietigend wapen ontwikkeld met de codenaam 'Metal Gear'. En daar gaat het voor het grootste deel om.
De speler is 'Solid Snake', een lid van het geheime leger, die op zoek moet naar dat verschrikkelijke wapen om het te vernietigen. De start van het spel is in een zwaar beveiligd gebouw. Bewegende camera's, onder stroom staande vloeren en natuurlijk een overmacht aan bewakers die bepaald niet schromen om je bij ontdekking overhoop te schieten. Heeft een bewaker of een camera je eenmaal in de gaten dan wordt er onmiddellijk groot alarm geslagen en is het een haast hopeloze strijd om in leven te blijven. Van alle kanten stormen er bewakers op je af waarna het betere sla, schop en schiet-werk kan beginnen.
Om de onder stroom staande vloeren over te steken moet je beschikken over bestuurbare raketten om een, normaal on-
bereikbare, stroomschakelaar aan stukken te schieten. Honderden zalen met nu en dan voldoende mogelijkheden om je te verbergen voor de bewakers of de camera's. Verschillende wapenkamers moet je plunderen om je steeds beter
te bewapenen.
Deze nieuwe Konami heeft weer alles om de speler een behoorlijke tijd van de straat te houden. Het is ons alleen een
raadsel waarom er aan een puur fantasie-spelletje zo nodig een snuifje realiteit moet worden meegegeven door de naam
van een bestaand land te gebruiken. De spel-maker beweegt zich hiermee op gevaarlijk terrein.
Noot van Konami voor de 'kenners': Dit spel is niet samen met Game Master te gebruiken.
MSX2-module ƒ 79,—.

Afbeelding: Omslag van de nieuwste MSX2-module van Konami: 'Metal Gear'.»

English machine translation follows in unlisted reply.

Been working some more on a for our little group for a channel where we challenge each other to guess the games that match the sets of and posted.

The code is horrible, which has made debugging more troublesome than it should've been, but it's great fun to see people enjoying something you built. :)

Man, glad I finished that lousy -based port of for the .
Such a boring version with far lousier graphics and performance than could've been possible on ...

Today I learnt a bit more about pages and palettes on the , especially addressed from within the language.

As a result I made some more progress on my fork of Zett Darkstone's tile-drawing editor programme and released build 24, which can now properly save your drawing (and progress) to disk.
(Actually importing it again is future exercise.)

If you want to play around with it, you can load the dsk via WebMSX

Another little created with 's tool and tile-set.

I've actually been modifying the tool a bit to suit my own needs, especially when it comes to keyboard controls, and you can now download it from the zett-darkstone-editor repository on my GitHub page.

If you want to play around with it without installing an emulator, you can run zett-darkstone-editor from your web browser through WebMSX

Controls are on the GitHub page.

A bit of -like created with 's tile placement tool.
Been trying to simplify the code a bit tonight, which actually is one of my first 'serious' forays into programming on the MSX...

Yay, ( to be precise) represents at !

(I'll provide image descriptions later; I just want to get back to the stream for now. Let's just say it has cartoon cats, cats and cats!)

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Okay, I lied, there is one more for today:
A from with the text "Gewoon Gaaf" (Just Awesome), an outline of a with spots on its cap, and a face on its stem, and tiny roots for a beard, a stylised logo which looks like a folded strip of paper, and the name of the club: MSX Club

Went into one of my ' boxes' filled with old receipts, stickers, , souvenirs and other from vacation trips, , and other , that a normal person would turn into a I guess. I was hoping to find one of those construction bricks I was looking for in my earlier post.
While I didn't find that, I did find some lovely in that , such as stuff from

dream log, Hitman, Roswell, MSX (long; ~1400 chars) 

I dreamt I was playing an game which reminded me a lot of the series.
Visually it alternated between a isometric perspective like in the Batman game, or , with graphics that made me think it was a typical port (though ran a lot smoother than those usually do...).
Bright red, yellow and blue colours used, with red being the most prominent.
You even had two coins you could throw to distract guards. They were supposed to be Polish , though I noted in the they were incorrectly indicated as . The coins were dark red and obviously spun around a lot.

One of the levels was supposed to have a hidden ending where you found a unit and had to find a way to thaw and revive those inside. It would turn out they were aliens.

That specific episode was set in the ' year', which in the dream I thought was 1943, but I was corrected by another dream character as it having happened in 1946. A quick look on Wikipedia shows both my dream thoughts were wrong, as the was in July of #1947.

I was trying to plan the game in my , with various other people also bringing in their MSX machines, including my late . A missed opportunity...

Now I kinda wish such a game existed for the MSX :p

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