I'm quite sure used to have a "refresh feed(s)" option to update my subscriptions, but I can't seem to find it anymore...
What am I overlooking, or did this feature get removed?

Any recommendations for servers that support limiting access to pages based on client certificates (status code 60, see Appendix 1 of gemini.circumlunar.space/docs/ and sections 4.3 and 3.2.6)?

I wouldn't mind playing around with that to see if I can implement some form of commenting for users who supply a client certificate.

I enjoyed reading the reply post from on their pod with regards to my earlier post about sharing through : gemini://gem.billsmugs.com/gemlog/2021-10-17.gmi

I definitely like their polaroid styling for the preview image; might have to look into applying something similar to my own script.

Thanks to @kelbot for bringing the article to my attention. :)

Just noticed my server had been down for who-knows-how-long...
I should actually get back to using it more often again....

Made a bit more progress cleaning up my to conversion pipeline code, and I think have gotten rid of all of the hardcoded paths that have no place in public code, and replaced it with a more sensible default config that can be overwritten with a local one.

Now I can just push the exact same code to my server and run that with a local config, without having to change any of the actual code first. As it originally was, and as it should be. :)

Still need to have a catchy name for the project though. :blobcatthinksmart:

I've done quite a bit more on my to pipeline scripts in the past couple of days, but most of it is backend stuff that won't be visible to the average user... And most of it hasn't been used yet on public articles, but rather on a draft conversion of an old post of mine that I'm still working on.

  1. convert another paragraph of my Blogger blog output to
  2. add another conversion rule to my conversion script to deal with an edge-case regarding some float or multiple inline links
  3. goto 1

Finally, after dealing with a couple of bugs (mostly the result of me misunderstanding OrderedDict.fromkeys), I've managed to update my index generator for my capsule: gemini://fixato.org/

It now supports splitting up my index of posts into categories, and listing the page tags for every post to give a bit of an idea of what the post covers.

(Though I probably have to rethink the tags I use, and cut down the amount per post a bit more.)

I do feel like my index page is starting to grow beyond its limits, but a restructure of that is something for another day. :)

I first want to actually write some content again, rather than working on the backend of the thing.

Since doesn't come with support for trackbacks or boosts or another way to easily signal-boost a post, I've added a separate page for content I've encountered that I found interesting in some way.
For now it's just entries, though I might add content from other protocols at some point in time.


(Proxied via : proxy.vulpes.one/gemini/fixato)

I've updated my / : gemini://fixato.org/

Its content is now converted from source asciidocs with the aforementioned rewrite of my conversion pipeline.

I think all the posts look about the same, but if you see something off, please let me know!

@vascocosta aka wrote another article for his , this time about , a and -based application: github.com/vascocosta/glueathe

Contrary to his text-based weather application (gemini://weather.gluonspace.com/), this uses a GUI, but with a similar minimalist style.

The application currently requires you to put your API key for services in a config file in your homedir; something that hopefully can be done through the app itself in the future?

Note for users upgrading to server 3.x who would like to keep their existing keys:

(umask 077; mkdir .certificates/) && openssl rsa -inform PEM -in key.rsa -outform DER -out .certificates/key.der && openssl x509 -in cert.pem -out .certificates/cert.der -outform DER && chmod 0600 ./certificates/*.der && rm key.rsa cert.pem

This oneliner would:

  • create a new .certificates dir with that's only accessible to your user
  • convert your PEM rsa key and cert to DER format and store them in your newly created .certicates dir
  • change the permissions of the newly converted DER files to only read/writeable by your user
  • delete the old PEM files.

Now you should be able to run your agate server with --certs /path/to/.certificates to specify the new location of your certificates.

It's probably a good idea to have agate regenerate your certs in format instead, but this would at least allow you to upgrade already, and give you some time to inform your users of a pending cert change, and announce the new fingerprints ahead of time via your gemlog and out-of-band via your website and/or social media accounts.

New (brief) article on my about : gemini://fixato.org/2021-04-04-revision-demoparty.gmi

Riiight... I can't remember where I left off on my to conversion pipeline script.

Okay, first commits pushed to my new repo on : git.sr.ht/~fixato/gemini-tools

For now just the work-in-progress rewrite of my to conversion scripts.

More documentation and other scripts to be added as I clean up the code and write the docs.

Right, I've finally set up a local test server for my tests, instead of first having to push everything online before I could browse the end-result...

Okay, that's enough progress for today on the rewrite of my to conversion pipeline.

Added a pre-processor that allows me to add ,gemini=hidden to links I don't want to show up in the gmi document, and ,gemini=extend-to-eol for links I want to extend to the end of the line.

I don't expect others to find this useful, but so far it looks like it will help reduce link clutter in documents, without having to handcraft a version of the same blog post.

Do you post on ? Then you might want to make sure you strip certain such as from your pictures before publishing them through your .

How to strip these, and other tips at: gemini://fixato.org/gemini-tips.gmi

If you want to reply to my article, please leave a public reply to this Mastodon post. :)

(Don't want your reply potentially aggregated on the web/gem log post? Please reply as 'unlisted' instead, or start it with NoRepost.)

I've written another , this time about today's drawing with our son and his crayons:
gemini://fixato.org/2021-03-18-drawing-with-kiddos-crayons.gmi or proxied via Vulpes.One's Gemini-HTTP proxy

If you want to reply to my article, please leave a public reply to this Mastodon post. :)

(Don't want your reply potentially aggregated on the web/gem log post? Please reply as 'unlisted' instead, or start it with NoRepost.)

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