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@vicorva last Dragon AI session you mentioned you considered streaming some too.
Today I came across this Spore-like game, by , and wondered if that perhaps also was something up your alley:
It seems to be only the creature-stage, but you might enjoy a playthrough of the prologue regardless. :)

Interesting, it looks like has a sequel now, . :)
The first one surely was an interesting little , so I'll prob watch a couple of episodes of it. :)

footage for my (failed) run through vanilla is up at
Next recordings will probably be of instead, and I should set to a bit higher bitrate I think.

Also want to try doing a round with commentary, perhaps on a , when I get the opportunity to record without much background sounds. :)

recently published about a newly discovered of for the :
This version even included a couple of music tracks that were replaced in the May and Final build of the !

While not completely different, the legendary track also includes some changes (slower music, and actually a bit more complex/fleshed out).


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