It's been 15 years since @Siiw and I, during a late night talk on , decided to try and share our lives together as a couple, and now I can't imagine it without her. <3

To commemorate the milestone, I've painted an up-to-date version of an artwork I commissioned of @dm7755 6 years ago.

At that time wasn't part of our lives yet, so I had to include him. Sadly never got to meet our little boy, but I still wanted her to remain part of the , so now she's watching us from a cloud in the sky. <3

I just realised I never shared a bigger version of my .

So, here is it, my of swirling around in a like fashion, lying in the sun on a grass field.

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Some more with today. This time a bunch of and some colourful flowers while the kiddo grabbed the colours for me, and added his own strokes and points to it. :)

and I had some fun earlier together with his .
He was mostly spreading water and random colours onto the paper, and I tried to bring it all together into this colour . :)

Bought a kid's for , which contains a variety of pencils, water colouring paint, water colour pens, a marker pen, and an assortment of oil pastel .

After seeing how they stood out on a black sheet of paper while trying them out with him on the train, I decided to take them out for a spin myself too.

Ended up drawing an scene using a photo from Aurora Borealis Tromsø as guideline.

Quite satisfied with how it turned out, but I think I need to look up some tips for using . :)

The black mountain outlines feel a bit too blurry; probably need to go over them a second time for a bit more crisp details.

Another little created with 's tool and tile-set.

I've actually been modifying the tool a bit to suit my own needs, especially when it comes to keyboard controls, and you can now download it from the zett-darkstone-editor repository on my GitHub page.

If you want to play around with it without installing an emulator, you can run zett-darkstone-editor from your web browser through WebMSX

Controls are on the GitHub page.

A bit of -like created with 's tile placement tool.
Been trying to simplify the code a bit tonight, which actually is one of my first 'serious' forays into programming on the MSX...

And while I was at it, I decided to a tree by a lake with some happy clouds. ;)

wanted to eat the red apples from the tree, so after he 'grabbed' a couple from the drawing, I filled his plate with some actual apple slices. ;)

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Been with 's on the paper right in front of him. Hopefully it shows him that drawing can be more than just single strokes, spirals and dots. :)

Used his favourite as an example. :)

Perspective isn't great, but it turned out better than I'd expected to be honest. :D

Okay, I lied, there is one more for today:
A from with the text "Gewoon Gaaf" (Just Awesome), an outline of a with spots on its cap, and a face on its stem, and tiny roots for a beard, a stylised logo which looks like a folded strip of paper, and the name of the club: MSX Club


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