food, deep-fried traditional Dutch NYE snacks: appelbeignets and oliebollen 

Some of the traditional deep-fried I made here in : and (sort of like ?). The latter are sometimes also called , though imho those are apple-filled puff-pastry triangles instead.

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God Jul / Merry Yuletide / Fijne Feestdagen

Thank you all for keeping me company and entertaining me throughout the year. :)

I've been meaning to paint again for quite some time now, and finally sat down to do so at the end of this (). Wasn't quite sure what to paint, so I started just with a gradient, and eventually ended up with the winter-inspired scene on the left. To contrast it, I made the second one with far warmer colours instead.

Brought the city on the trip because if I had first brought it back home after dropping off , I don't think I'd felt like going back out into the cold again...

Still have plenty of months of this weather left unfortunately...

But maybe it will come in useful bringing the groceries home. :) Spare my poor back a bit.

re: Christmas / Yuletide decorations 

Another photo of the / Yuletide tree, this time taken with my , with less of an exposure time so the individual lights are better visible.

I like that it still has some ornaments and a single short strand of incandescent lights that used to go into the trees in my parental home during my youth.

Unfortunately the last strand of multi-coloured incandescent lights from that era failed a couple of years ago, and I haven't been able to find replacement bulbs yet. Should pop into a second-hand shop perhaps for that. It's a shame, because I really liked the orange and green ones in that light string.

I really enjoy all these lights. Helps brighten up these long dark in .

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Christmas / Yuletide decorations 

And the other have relocated to the .
Still want to add some more decorations tomorrow during the day, together with .


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Added another string of along the ceiling in one corner of the living room, above the new shelf and the curtained window.

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Not quite sure what exactly to put on the new shelf, but for now it holds two homemade watercolour paintings (on the left the anniversary painting I made for @Siiw of her and angling a phone to fish-me, and to its right a painting of a rainbow-coloured feather that she herself did) and two souvenirs from the caves of , (a and and ).
Lit up by a standing on the bookcase to the right.

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Seriously, I haven't seen this much here in since I moved to ...

At least not in a matter of 1-2 days...

And yes, that is a snow shovel I brought along when bringing to daycare. The pavements were impossible to walk on without shoveling. We ended up walking along side of the car road instead, and using the shovel to make a path where there was none. Last part my lower back was so sore and the kiddo was tired of slugging through the snow too, that I had to carry him on my shoulders. One arm and hand to support him, and the other on the shovel to support myself.

When I got home, I still had to shovel more to make a proper path in front of our home.

Now I'm sat in front of the computer with a hot chocolate and some tea... Probably should go out again in a bit to get some groceries done for the week.

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So... remember that chair and table with some snow on top from last night?

Well, this is what it looked like this morning...

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Inspired by a quote from @ljwrites in a limited thread, I made this sketch of my character hugging their laptop, and getting a loving embrace back from it.

I hope you enjoy a version with and without L.J.'s quote "It's janky and weird, but it's mine and I love it!"

Image licensed by FiXato as Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).

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