Food (non-vegetarian) 

For today's I made from (almost ¹) scratch.

Contrary to the that are more common here in , they are quite a bit bigger; about the size of a tennisball I think? might come close, but those also don't tend to be as spherical, and the spices used are quite a bit different.

Made these by mixing 250 grammes of pork mince and an about equal amount of beef mince, adding finely crumbled (instead of the I would've used in the ), pepper, salt, smoked paprika, thyme, leftover slow-cooked onion, freshly sliced raw onion, roasted garlic and an egg. Let it stand for an hour or so to let the aromas of the spices and herbs seep in, before rolling balls from it.

Seared them in vegetable oil before adding butter and more onions and garlic. Once the onions were nice and golden, I added chopped tomatoes, and eventually some ketjap manis and water.

Served it with boiled potatoes from our share of the potato harvest at the we're member of, , and a jar of red cabbage I heated up with some finely chopped apple.

The final dish might not have been plated nicely or looked appealing, but to me it tasted like my childhood home. <3
And @Siiw seemed to enjoy it too. :D

¹ almost from scratch, since the minced pork and beef meat came from the supermarket, rather than having ground it myself. I did mix the pork and beef myself in a 1/1 ratio.


It's been 15 years since @Siiw and I, during a late night talk on , decided to try and share our lives together as a couple, and now I can't imagine it without her. <3

To commemorate the milestone, I've painted an up-to-date version of an artwork I commissioned of @dm7755 6 years ago.

At that time wasn't part of our lives yet, so I had to include him. Sadly never got to meet our little boy, but I still wanted her to remain part of the , so now she's watching us from a cloud in the sky. <3

Quickly selected a couple of from my of objects or that I could perhaps use as a subject for a future water colour painting. :)

The Jain's Death and Rebirth in Water Colours

After reading "The Jain's Death", a comic suggested earlier today by @RussSharek, I wanted to paint two scenes from it.
Page 26, depicting a tiger hidden among jungle foliage at night, and page 45-g, showing some kind of a geothermal energy explosion or eruption, stood out the most to me. They also both had a limited hue palette, and were quite contrasting, which suited me well as I have been wanting to try a couple of fairly paintings in preparation for , after seeing @dona's huevember creation.

So, I hope you will enjoy my The Jain's Death and Rebirth in Water Colours.

Materials in unlisted follow-up post.

Relevant hashtags

Golden autumn view on Trøndelag in water colours

Today's painting involves a view @Siiw painted several years ago somewhere in , . Her water colour painting has been hanging on the wall her for several years, and as such is a familiar sight for me.

I started by painting a similar sky and mountain-side, but when it came to the trees I kind of wanted to put some foliage techniques I'd been watching, to use, so I decided to make it an earlier autumn setting instead, as her trees were mostly bare. Also added a bit more yellow to part of the sky (though perhaps a tad too much).

Certainly had fun drawing this water colour painting!

Water colours on budget acid-free watercolour paper

Bought a pad of paper from yesterday, so tonight I wanted to try it out.
It's 20 sheets of 230 grams acid-free paper, with a 100% () label, so I'm guessing this is wood paper, and not cotton, but at 32,90 NOK (2,80 EUR / 2,86 GBP) I guess that was to be expected. It has a nice texture to it; not too strong, but just enough.
Didn't curl much while on the pad, though now that the individual sheets are drying on the desk, the wettest one has some curling at the top and bottom; might want to leave it on the pad for longer, or use paper clamps.

Water and colour perhaps didn't spread as evenly as I'd liked, but that could also still be my lacking skills.

All in all, I'm quite satisfied with the results, and thus the paper; at least at its price while I'm still experimenting. Means I can keep the higher quality paper for when I'm more seasoned.

The weather was nice, so I spent a while today cleaning the which hadn't been used since last summer I think... Vinegar, baking soda, and a scouring pad, and some elbow grease did wonders fortunately. :)

The bottom air vent is rusted stuck though, and I'm not sure the legs will survive another winter, so I might replace it at the end of the season when the inevitably go on discount; picked this one up for less than 10 bucks (or was it 5 even?) about 2 or 3 years too.

I kinda want to this photo of I took back in #2018, but it's too late at night for that right now. Maybe I'll feel inspired to do so tomorrow during the day instead. :)

My missus, @Siiw, looking at a couple of 'naust' (old buildings used for storing fishing boats and equipment) in Saksenvik near Rognan.

Restoration and maintenance of these buildings tends to be done with the same kind of tools and methods as they were originally built, in the 1700s to early 1900s.

Came across this photo of a ¹ I took at the exhibition of 2012 in Venlo.

¹ At least, I hope it's a ; that's what I tagged it with at the time, likely after asking @Siiw

Got to see some lovely just after last night. Shame the phone's camera doesn't quite do them justice, but I was too lazy to grab the DSLR and manually transfer the photos afterwards, so the with a port of will have to do.

Preview of the I was working on before it was time for dinner.

I guess I'm trying to create a ?

Mostly just wanted to play with .

Some more with today. This time a bunch of and some colourful flowers while the kiddo grabbed the colours for me, and added his own strokes and points to it. :)

Bought a kid's for , which contains a variety of pencils, water colouring paint, water colour pens, a marker pen, and an assortment of oil pastel .

After seeing how they stood out on a black sheet of paper while trying them out with him on the train, I decided to take them out for a spin myself too.

Ended up drawing an scene using a photo from Aurora Borealis Tromsø as guideline.

Quite satisfied with how it turned out, but I think I need to look up some tips for using . :)

The black mountain outlines feel a bit too blurry; probably need to go over them a second time for a bit more crisp details.

The Common () is making it smell very good outside. <3

Haven't seen the flies with a weird mating behaviour, which these attract, this year yet.

Stuffed Animals: The Next Generation re: Stuffed animals / teddy bears, showing quite some wear and tear 

Of course after saw me take photographs of my own stuffed animals, he wanted to take pictures of his too.

So after I put mine away, I told him to collect his own onto the sofa, and we spend an hour or so taking pictures of him with all his teddy bears collectively and individually.

Obviously I'm not going to share identifiable pics of him here, but here are a couple where he's obscured by his toys that I feel are okay :)

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