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You'd also think I'd know by now to put a : after conditional statements, or loops in ...

Again... you'd be wrong.

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Okay... that's enough fiddling with my to toolchain again for today.

I have the feeling it's a bit slower now that I've consolidated a bunch of coreutils shell scripts and loose scripts into a single script, but that could also just be a difference between available resources on the different environments.

At any rate, this single script should be easier to read and maintain...

Okay, that's enough progress for today on the rewrite of my to conversion pipeline.

Added a pre-processor that allows me to add ,gemini=hidden to links I don't want to show up in the gmi document, and ,gemini=extend-to-eol for links I want to extend to the end of the line.

I don't expect others to find this useful, but so far it looks like it will help reduce link clutter in documents, without having to handcraft a version of the same blog post.

Tonight's exercise was given a playlist id converting YouTube data to an playlist file.

Which might end up being pointless because the players that do already support playing YouTube videos, seem to already grab the metadata from youtube themselves and seem to ignore the metadata in the .m3u file. (Unless I've made a mistake in the format, which I guess is also likely...)

Okay, so I got a rudimentary first version of working, which is yet another .

It allows me to create a directory structure with simple files in it, which will be converted into , where each list item that refers to a toot URL (for now only Mastodon style URLs with numeric IDs are supported), gets expanded to the bare minimum content of that status, along with (optionally) any replies to it.

Request for donation solution recommendations (KoFi, buyMeACoffee, Paypal, Liberapay, etc) 

If I want to put up a tip-jar of sorts for folx to toss me a few coins for the various / creative related things I do, what services would you recommend?

Especially interested in hearing stories from people who have actually used multiple.

So, if you have any for or against things like , , , , , etc, please let me know. :)

Part of me wonders why I am coding in plain rather than in when it's quite likely I'm going to be the only one who'll actually use it. 🤔

I mean, I like / , but I also think I would save myself a bit of time implementing and looking up of things that either come for free with Python, or in a library.

re: CLI Player Queue progress 

and I quickly hacked the support in so I can now search across all my video feeds with and pass the result onto for playback :)

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re: CLI Player Queue progress 

Couldn't resist, and gave the interface a bit of a look. ;)

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re: CLI Player Queue progress 

Doesn't mean I don't still have and for though. :)

I want to add a filter interface that scans across all the feeds, so I can quickly find videos for a specific game regardless of 'er for example, or get a recent videos overview similar to 's subscription list, but then with the option to quickly exclude certain games or topics.

has a example that will probably be suitable for this.

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re: CLI Player Queue progress 

got some more done on , and I can now easily add channels by name and channel id either via a single command, or by hitting ctrl+n in the menu and entering the values when asked for.

Existing feeds can be updated from the menu by a single ctrl+u press.

Filtering is also slightly improved.

At this point it's one thing I can cross off the list. :D

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re: CLI Player Queue progress 

not to toot my own horn, but I'm actually quite chuffed with how this tool works already. :D

Sure, it doesn't have any thumbnails (which I guess I could hack in with something like , but I'd rather wait till my current emulator () adds proper image support), but I already noticed I missed its quick sorting and filtering while using the app on my phone.

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CLI Player Queue progress 

Okay, can now:

  • ― retrieve stream and most recent video title
  • ― detect if the stream is offline
  • ― give a bit more useful error messages and error codes
  • ― has some of its functions refactored to a library
  • ― can retrieve the most recent public videos of a user from their channel's RSS feed and store them in a separate history file
  • ― list and play the videos of said file

all from a .

I want to do a bit more cleanup before committing the changes, but my brain's too fried atm to do more .

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Okay, instead of on , I ended up doing some more by creating 2 fairly simple scripts to help me track and re-open the media I've launched from the command-line:

basically wraps around , gets the page title, tracks it in a history file, and launched mpv.
Afterwards I can browse the history file with the same command, or immediately filter it by title or URL.

The title retrieval is very simple, and basically only works for YouTube and plain HTML pages atm, but f.e. Twitch support will be added soon.
(There are probably pre-built solutions out there too, but I like ...)

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Put on some / / files via because that's the only that seems to support this audio format, plugged some headphones in, and getting ready to do a bit of related on my . :)


Started an alt for @FiXato here on to see if is a closer match to what I want out of a , feature-wise.
So, it's time for a re-introduction:

Who am I?

I'm FiXato, a stay-at-home father of a two-year-old I often refer to as .
While I was born in the Netherlands, I've been living in northern Norway for quite some time now.

What do I do?

In day-to-day life I take care of our son while the missus is at work, and when I have some spare time and headspace, I like to tinker on my various coding projects.

Aside from that, I like to play some mobile Android games such as , and .

Overview in hashtags:



Fan of:


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