A Clouded Mind's Struggle for Balance

Did some more painting for a change tonight, finally trying out the A4-sized pad of aquarel paper I bought at Rusta last week. For its cheap price, it's remarkably decent actually.

Actual words re: Wordle result - Day 7 (Wordle 203) 

203 3/6


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My actual words for yesterday re: Wordle result - Day 2 (Wordle 198) 


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food, deep-fried traditional Dutch NYE snacks: appelbeignets and oliebollen 

Some of the traditional deep-fried I made here in : and (sort of like ?). The latter are sometimes also called , though imho those are apple-filled puff-pastry triangles instead.

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God Jul / Merry Yuletide / Fijne Feestdagen

Thank you all for keeping me company and entertaining me throughout the year. :)

I've been meaning to paint again for quite some time now, and finally sat down to do so at the end of this (). Wasn't quite sure what to paint, so I started just with a gradient, and eventually ended up with the winter-inspired scene on the left. To contrast it, I made the second one with far warmer colours instead.


My old might have a spot to attach a mount, but it clearly hasn't been designed with one in mind...
The port is rather in the center of the screen, which means it's pushed up against the center pole of the monitor stand...
I was hoping I could maybe use an adapter to use its port instead, but turns out it's right below the VGA port, so that would also be too cramped (especially so with a converter)...
Ideally I should just get a display port to HDMI cable, so I can use the laptop's dp port instead for this screen, so we can more easily watch stuff from the laptop on our the shared TV/PC monitor.

(Or get a VGA to component cable so I can use the screen's component ports, which are positioned more to the side.) xD


seems to be down again, even though the PlayStation Network status page says everything should be up. What's the point of having a then?
Also, the account @PlaystationNor@twitter.com which the official status page links to, seems to have been suspended by Twitter. Any way to check when an account got suspended? Wondering if it is a recent suspension.

Makes me wonder if / got hit by , or if it just is another chapter in the saga.

My current WeeChat setup

Since it's come up in conversation a couple of times in the past week (waves at @snowdusk__ and @yarmo), here's a of my current setup (though with different buffers selected than my usual arrangement).

"What am I looking at on the screenshot?"

A buffer list ¹ on the left. Buffers represent the channels, private message streams and status timelines from the various chat media you are connected to.
Side the buffer list are a variety of horizontally and vertically panes, which @weechat called 'windows', each window showing the contents of one
² of the buffers.

"What buffers are visible in these window panes?"

From top left to bottom right these are:

"What's making it work?"

All running in a terminal multiplexer session, running under on , in the client.

(Repost to fix an at-mention...)


¹ though I still use buffers.pl script rather than the built-in buflist plugin because I'm too lazy to migrate my settings to make it look and act in the way I've gotten used to.
² or more, as buffers can be merged, displaying the contents of each of the merged buffers chronologically in the same window pane.


So, sadly my G1 does not support an M.2 . :(

For the record, should anyone be looking for this info:
Just received a message from HP support: The M.2 slot of a ProBook 645 does NOT support a SATA interface. Contrary to what some of the manuals might suggest. The only supported SSD option is a 2.5" drive.
The M.2 slot only accepts HP whitelisted WWAN cards. So even an M.2 SSD with PCIe interface probably wouldn't work, but I don't have one on hand to test.
HP Support Forums: ProBook 645 M.2 SSD Compatibility

Tried doing a graphics drivers upgrade because said there was an upgrade compared to 15.301.1901.

Yeah, that's a very useful error message you threw there ...

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Brought the city on the trip because if I had first brought it back home after dropping off , I don't think I'd felt like going back out into the cold again...

Still have plenty of months of this weather left unfortunately...

But maybe it will come in useful bringing the groceries home. :) Spare my poor back a bit.


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