re: Food: breadposting 

The bread got a bit more dense than I'd like, and the moistness of the banana makes it a bit hard to tell if it's done or actually under-done, but flavour-wise I'm satisfied. :)

Though I think I'll stick to a based again next time, instead of this one?

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Pokémon GO, shinies 

I really dig the look of the shiny !

is creepy regardless of its colour...

And that 98% shiny got evolved during the Celebration Event week so it now has the which was originally available during its first back in 2018.

One of my machines has arrived from the :D
Seems to have arrived in one piece. Haven't tried connecting it yet, as I wanted to check the board for leaking caps, and to give the case and keyboard a sorely needed sponge-bath...
After opening it, I did notice a crack in the case, though I can't be sure if it happened in transit, or during opening it up, but it's nothing a bit of glue and baking soda won't be able to fix. Same with a couple of spacer bits on the inside.

I have this series of of a sort of I drew several years ago inspired by the name of the website of an friend of mine, but which never really got used:

I still really like the idea of it, but never really fleshed it out to a point where I was completely satisfied with it.

Recently I've had the urge to do something with it again; perhaps use it for some of my own projects, but it's very oriented, which I'm not as much.

I guess I could use it for some of my music-related projects, like I did as a placeholder for, but it'd still feel like I'm underutilising the little chick.

Though I guess that how I drew him here, with the 'o' originally meant to resemble a harp, I guess it also kind of looks like a computer keyboard, albeit from a wrong perspective.

I was watching a video for toddlers where they were pouring different coloured drinks into glasses, and called out the colours as they did so.
But this drink looks to me, rather than , as the presenter announced.

Translated Russian swearing on a YouTube retrogaming video 

Gotta love having to reply to these kinds of disappointing comments.
Complaining about a 22-23 year old game on a 10 year old video, now that's what I call 'fucking bullshit'...

My first still has the green lanyard strap around its band from the Anomaly that was held in back in June 2015.
The metal parts of the lanyard have gotten quite corroded over time, and I'd rather not remove it anymore because it has likely left some rust stains that I doubt I'd be able to remove.
Besides, it make the hat more my own. :)

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Looks like I've had my day-to-day for at least 9 years already. Not bad for one I bought on sale for 5 to 10 Euro at C&A back in the Netherlands.

If I'd known how much I'd end up wearing it as much as I have, I'd surely have bought one or two spare, but it was my first hat and I wasn't sure if it really was the right kind of for me.

By the time I'd realised it was, they were of course all sold out already.

Image content warning: direct eye contact / confrontational expression

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I look forward to , when I can start wearing a again, rather than my wool cap...

Image description and content warning: photo of a man, , standing in a field, looking down at his phone, with the rim of his hat obscuring his eyes. No eye-contact.

... it wasn't till reading a comment on YouTube that I noticed that the logo of is of 3 crossed tuning forks...

(repost to s/pitch/tuning /)

Pokémon GO 

Hadn't seen yet that this in offered another chance to evolve a / up to a with , so I almost missed out on getting the on this purified !


I wish the one who sold me this second hand laptop had told me its 10 Pro license was a volume license key, rather than an OEM key... :/
Guess I'll be hunting down a replacement key in case the license doesn't get automatically renewed.

re: CLI Player Queue progress 

and I quickly hacked the support in so I can now search across all my video feeds with and pass the result onto for playback :)

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Came across this I did quite some years ago of a quote from an image on the article for the , combined with that excellent photograph of in a outfit lying in his bathtub:

Image CW: eye contact.

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