Okay, I really don't like seeing 'speaking foreign language' in captions, but seeing 'speaking in language x' when the character is actually speaking in language y probably is even worse...

Yes, House was speaking Spanish to the Latin American woman previously, but in this scene he was mockingly saying "Sayonara", a Japanese word...

Pff... that request is taking even more time than my request took during the worst of its time...

No progress indication either.

Also, it can take up to 30 days? What are they doing? Sending a bunch of rats through a hex maze, looking for the cheese? Manually polishing every byte?

A different discussion reminded me of a browser extension that's probably my most-used self-coded ¹ tool:

While it allows me to quickly take notes from within the browser, both global as for the current page / domain only, my primary use for it is to quickly copy special characters from a 'short' selection of glyphs I commonly use, such as a selection of quotation symbols, superscript digits, ellipses and arrows.

¹ Yes, I know that similar browser extensions exist for note taking, but they all seem to include some form of tracking, ads, or nag screens for you to buy their premium version. I'd rather have something local that I control.

Food (non-vegetarian) 

For today's I made from (almost ¹) scratch.

Contrary to the that are more common here in , they are quite a bit bigger; about the size of a tennisball I think? might come close, but those also don't tend to be as spherical, and the spices used are quite a bit different.

Made these by mixing 250 grammes of pork mince and an about equal amount of beef mince, adding finely crumbled (instead of the I would've used in the ), pepper, salt, smoked paprika, thyme, leftover slow-cooked onion, freshly sliced raw onion, roasted garlic and an egg. Let it stand for an hour or so to let the aromas of the spices and herbs seep in, before rolling balls from it.

Seared them in vegetable oil before adding butter and more onions and garlic. Once the onions were nice and golden, I added chopped tomatoes, and eventually some ketjap manis and water.

Served it with boiled potatoes from our share of the potato harvest at the we're member of, , and a jar of red cabbage I heated up with some finely chopped apple.

The final dish might not have been plated nicely or looked appealing, but to me it tasted like my childhood home. <3
And @Siiw seemed to enjoy it too. :D

¹ almost from scratch, since the minced pork and beef meat came from the supermarket, rather than having ground it myself. I did mix the pork and beef myself in a 1/1 ratio.


It's been 15 years since @Siiw and I, during a late night talk on , decided to try and share our lives together as a couple, and now I can't imagine it without her. <3

To commemorate the milestone, I've painted an up-to-date version of an artwork I commissioned of @dm7755 6 years ago.

At that time wasn't part of our lives yet, so I had to include him. Sadly never got to meet our little boy, but I still wanted her to remain part of the , so now she's watching us from a cloud in the sky. <3

Creative with Kitchenrolls

is a bit of a fan of videos on YouTube (a combination of lifehacks, cooking, circuitry, construction and destruction videos), so when he wanted to watch the one where he made some children's toys, I decided to sort of copy the one he made in it.

Not as neat as his version (especially the wheels are crooked), but I first want to see how long this one survives before I make a sturdier properly measured out version. ;)


Taking a break with a before doing weekly big haul of (stuffing them into the backpack in the background).

quite possibly is my favourite non-alcoholic beer. I love the nice burning kick it has to it.


Hearthstone Battlegrounds 

YAY! Got a win with in .

Now I no longer have a reason to play that annoying hero. xD

I remember how excited I felt when I saw a garland and other decorations when I came downstairs one of my early , so I blew up a couple of balloons and combined them with a one for our kid's third .

I hope you'll be just as excited 💚💜💛

Got a foil balloon in the shape of a 3 with a tiger print too, but that one's hidden in the bedroom's closet, so I'll have to wait with inflating that till tomorrow.


@vicorva saw this picture on Instagram, and thought of you and Merlin ;)

Quickly selected a couple of from my of objects or that I could perhaps use as a subject for a future water colour painting. :)

The Jain's Death and Rebirth in Water Colours

After reading "The Jain's Death", a comic suggested earlier today by @RussSharek, I wanted to paint two scenes from it.
Page 26, depicting a tiger hidden among jungle foliage at night, and page 45-g, showing some kind of a geothermal energy explosion or eruption, stood out the most to me. They also both had a limited hue palette, and were quite contrasting, which suited me well as I have been wanting to try a couple of fairly paintings in preparation for , after seeing @dona's huevember creation.

So, I hope you will enjoy my The Jain's Death and Rebirth in Water Colours.

Materials in unlisted follow-up post.

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