Do you prefer spread throughout the body of the text, or summarised at the end of the text?


I've mostly preferred having spread throughout the text, since it's easier to immediately click on a tag if I want to find more about that topic, but lately I've been leaning more towards summarising them at the end, as I feel that with the amount of hashtags I use, it quickly gets overcrowded, and I usually find myself summarising additional ones at the end anyway, to account to alternate spellings or related hashtags and such (Pokémon vs Pokemon for example, or games vs gaming).

It probably just depends on the post as well, and I guess I'll likely continue to inline hashtags unless there's more than 1 or 2 per sentence/paragraph?

I guess ideally I'd like to be independent of the post, having it as actual metadata... Something that perhaps is hidden by default, but can be toggled on and off easily.

@FiXato A bunch of #Hashtags at the end of a post really feels like some kind of SEO/engagement-boosting move.

It reminds me of the people you see on Twitter who have clearly read an article about how to become an influencer.

Boost if you agree, and leave your own ideas for hashtags in the replies!

#hashtag #hashtag #hashtags #TrendingTopic

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