Did some more today, two of them inspired by this scene from Baldur's Gate since I just love the colour combinations on the foliage, and have wanted to recreate it ever since I first played the game over 20 years ago.
Another is just some random clouds and flower field thing to test the absorption rate and blending quality of a new water colour pad I got at today.

long (close to 3000 chars) follow-up post going into detail on the water color papers used. 

The A5 "Anna & Clara's Watercolour Paper" pad of 20 x 200 grams + 10 x 300 grams I bought for 34.90 NOK (or 3.20 EUR) from is not great imho... I think it's probably more aimed at gouache than aquarelle...
I find it too smooth, and water mostly just pools up too much on top of it... The field of flowers was painted on the 200 grams paper, but as the (lack of) texture is the same on the 300 grams sheets, I doubt those will be much better. Though I bet the latter will at least buckle and warp less.

The A5 "Anna & Clara's Watercolour Paper Acid-Free" pad with 10 x 230 grams white sheets + 10 x 230 grams black sheets onto which I painted the bottom-left scene is more like the similar paper I got and used previously from Søstrene Grene (which I used for the top-left Baldur's Gate scene).
It has quite some more texture, and —most importantly— it absorbs the water and paints better. I suspect it's actually the same paper, but now the pads have half their sheets replaced with black sheets.

I kinda wish they'd put the original pads back into their assortment instead, as the black sheets are more useful for metallic water colour paints, which I currently don't have. I guess I could play around with mixing the white gouache with my aquarelle paints, and use that on the black sheets?
At 23.30 NOK (or 1.98 EUR) for 20 sheets, it's cheap aquarelle paper that works quite well for my practice sessions, but with half of the sheets being basically unusable for me, it's not as affordable as the pads they previously sold...

I still want to add some more foliage to the first Baldur's Gate painting (top-left), but I wanted to wait for daytime sunlight before working on it again, so instead I started a new one without looking at the example.
(And I'll probably want to scan the first one before working on it again, in case I ruin it...)

The cute little ghost on A6 paper is the main character from aka for the , which I painted two days ago. Painted with just the and the from the ' series. I was tempted to add the light-green background to it that one of the example screenshots had, but ended up just sticking to the monochrome version you see here.
This paper is a fine-grained cold pressed cotton rag postcard paper from , which I got many years ago as a kid, but never really used till recently. I always found the paper too precious, and considered my skills lacking too much to make proper use of it. It's only recently that I've felt comfortable using it.

I'll take proper pictures of them by daylight tomorrow, and will maybe add some more detailed image descriptions then as well.

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