Anyone got any good recommendations for a simple android app that lets me append stuff to a text file by sharing from other apps?

I really want to get better at the capture habit so I don't lose useful reference info or waste brain cycles keeping things in my head.

I've used Tasker for this before, but it's way overpowered for what I need in a way that forces you to do simple things in complicated ways, and also seems to kill my battery every time I have it installed.


I just checked if Markor supports this, and apparently it can. :)

@FiXato aaaah, that's good to know, I'll give it a try! side benefit of using markdown for everything...

here are some screenshots of the workflow:

Markdown is available on the F-Droid repository. (It might also be on Google Play Store, but I haven't checked that.)

(Repost to fix misspelled name in image descriptions.)

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