I hate capitalism because no one can just make cool things. Every cool thing needs to be monetized or people aren't able to work on it for long.

@brainblasted Despite all the assurances by economists, turns out "profitable" isn't a good proxy for "good". Who would have guessed.

@eldaking @brainblasted monetization of human existence is capitalism's end goal. Which will destroy us, inevitably...

@eldaking @brainblasted Also I read a study from a bunch of years ago that shows how, psychologically, money doesn't motivate, but is used to manipulate.
tldr: 'Rewards have a punitive effect because they, like outright punishment, are manipulative. “Do this and you’ll get that” is not really very different from “Do this or here’s what will happen to you.” ' hbr.org/1993/09/why-incentive-
We need capitalism to die for humanity to live.

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