Tools that work #Offline with #NoInternet (or limited Internet), a thread.

Start with @syncthing #Syncthing Share files among your devices or with your friends. Syncs across multiple hops, over local wifi, with or without Internet. 1/

Tools that work #Offline with #NoInternet.

Next, @briar . #Briar is instant messaging with a twist: it can use a mesh of Bluetooth devices. Or #Tor. Or, heck, SD cards to carry your IMs. When Internet is available, it uses #Tor. 2/

Tools that work #Offline with #NoInternet

Few people know about ad-hoc wifi mode. Ad-hoc #wifi lets devices in range talk to each other without an access point. You just all set your devices to the same network name and password and there you go. Sometimes DHCP and such can be a challenge; more on that in the next item. 3/

Tools that work #Offline with #NoInternet

#Yggdrasil is a self-healing, fully end-to-end #encrypted #mesh network. It can work among local devices or on the global Internet. It has network services that can egress onto things like Tor, I2P, and public Internet. Makes a perfect companion to ad-hoc wifi as it has auto peer discovery on the local network. 4/

Tools that work #Offline with #NoInternet

Moving now to more advanced tools, #NNCP is lets you assemble a network of peers that can communicate asynchronously using #sneakernet, #USB drives, radios, CD-Rs, Internet, #Tor, #Yggdrasil, #Syncthing, #Dropbox, #S3, you name it. Supports multi-hop file transfer and remote execution. Fully end-to-end encrypted. It's the offline version of #ssh. 5/


sounds interesting, but even as a techie I can't easily make sense of their documentation...

@FiXato @fuzzylynx I know! It's both an unfamiliar concept and unfamiliar writing. I have been trying to help on this. In fact, I just published this page which should really help out. (Please let me know!) I have also collected #NNCP resources at which also has links to explanatory pages. Let me know if this helps, and feel free to ask me questions! cc @kensanata

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