While messing around with #IndieWeb, I've decided I want to build a consolidated #PESOS gallery of my photos at Instagram, Twitter, Mastodon, Pixelfed etc. I've got current archives for all (including from a dead Pixelfed instance).

* Gallery, individual, and tag galleries
* Include captions and descriptions (I can add descriptions to the old photos)
* Links to wherever it's posted (may be several sites)
* Light page code. I'd rather things load quickly than act fancy.

I've made a prototype in #WordPress so far, and it looks nice, and I already know how to automate new posts using IFTTT. But it feels heavy. And of course it's one more instance to increase my attack surface & maintenance.

I'm going to give #Eleventy a shot next. I've worked with it before, and I can optimize the templates however I want. The image plugin can generate different sizes, thumbnails, etc. The main drawback: I haven't researched ways to automatically import to 11ty yet.

Long-term I'd like to add #POSSE (selectively) to make it easier to cross-post. I had a set of 3 photos yesterday that I wanted to post to Flickr, Pixelfed, my blog, and my gemlog, and while it was mostly copying and pasting, it was also time-consuming.

Some of the stuff @stringerblog and @dansup have been talking about kind of overlap with this space.



Oh yeah, Flickr...the way I use it is different enough that I don't want include my zillions of photos in this project. I might try a more full-featured gallery like Piwigo at some point. It's less linear and more collection-based. But for photos I've cross-posted, I would like to link to it same as I would to Pixelfed or wherever, and it would be nice to include it in the outgoing posts once I get that up and running.

And I do like the idea of just federating the photos out directly!


OK, this got way more complicated and should've been a blog post.

So: building a personal #IndieWeb capable gallery of my sociallly-shared photos from various sources, keeping it light, pulling in new posts automatically (#PESOS) and eventually posting on my gallery and auto-posting it to Pixelfed/Twitter/Flickr/etc. (#POSSE) on a per-photo basis. Probably using #eleventy.

Anyone have any recommendations on tools that might be better than WP/11ty, or that would work well with this workflow?

Ooh, I could also generate a Gemini gallery! I remember @FiXato came up with some ideas on how to format one. I'd probably want to break it into categories or do it by tag or something


@KelsonV my gemini server might not have been up recently, so in case you were looking for the relevant gemlog post about exploring the idea of photo galleries on gemini, it's here: gemini://fixato.org/2021-03-10

@FiXato Ah, thanks! I haven't had a chance to do more than the bare minimum with 11ty, but once I've settled on an approach, I'll have to see how I can hook it up to a Gemini workflow!

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