Following the '1 cup' recipe I used last time, I'm trying to make another .
Dough still seems a bit too wet, so I might need to add some more flour, but for now I'll let it rest a bit and will see how it is after dinner.

Not quite sure yet if I want to go for a regular 'boule' loaf, biscuits, or add some apple slices and turn it more into a fruit-loaf.

Expanded the ingredients into more of a proper / recipe. It's not quite finished, and a bit too wordy to post here, but it'll be on my once I've fixed my asciidoc to gemtext conversion script again.

Food (non-vegan) 

Picture quality is a bit lousy, but I'll make some better pictures tomorrow in daylight. :)

The tastes good. Maybe a bit moist still in some places; could be I just didn't let it cool/rest long enough. The pinch of black pepper I added seems to work well with the .

Food (non-vegan) 

@FiXato So black pepper was the spice I couldn't quite place. It ended up good!

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