#Lagrange v1.8 "Fonts and Warnings" is out: 👻


This release focuses on a customizable font library, and improves the appearance and behavior of warnings and error messages. Thanks to the unbundled fonts, this release is the slimmest one yet.


It'll automatically prompt you to re-download the old set of fonts, but you might want to skip that and get the Noto Sans and Noto Serif sets instead, for vastly better Unicode coverage.


@FiXato Should be fixed now! Thanks for the heads up.

I was moving pages around just a while ago...

@jk 👍

Also, after having installed a couple of fonts and packs, I now seem to have a couple of duplicates listed?

@FiXato Check out what it says on "about:fonts". The "View file" links show the location of each loaded font. Are some old fonts being loaded from a build directory etc.?


@jk looks like they were already in the classic font pack, and installing them individually got them listed twice.
Maybe some check for duplicates could be done?

Finally, I was unable to select Arimo from that list till I deleted 2 of the duplicate other fonts. Maybe something to do with the length of the list?

@FiXato Hmm, I'll check if there's something wrong with the list.

Fonts with the same name are allowed if their IDs aren't the same. I should make it clearer which fontpack any same-named fonts come from...

@jk seems indeed somewhat related to the list length and position. If I select a font further down the list, and then open the list again, Arimo gets listed higher on the screen, on top of the title bar, making it impossible to highlight.

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