It's been 15 years since @Siiw and I, during a late night talk on , decided to try and share our lives together as a couple, and now I can't imagine it without her. <3

To commemorate the milestone, I've painted an up-to-date version of an artwork I commissioned of @dm7755 6 years ago.

At that time wasn't part of our lives yet, so I had to include him. Sadly never got to meet our little boy, but I still wanted her to remain part of the , so now she's watching us from a cloud in the sky. <3

@FiXato aww this is the cutest thing, I hope Siiw liked it! That was quite an undertaking you started, like weren't you living in different countries at the time? Yet here you are now, having built a life together and that is well worth celebrating 💗

I'm also amused because fishing is a metaphor often used in Korean for some aspects of dating, for instance winning someone's heart is called "fishing." Which she clearly did in this case! 😁

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