"en dommer"
In it means "a judge", "a referee" or "a criticist".
In however, the two words means "and dumber" instead.

There's your random / for you today. :)

@FiXato The classic Jim Carrey movie "Dom en dommer" :P

film titles aren't usually translated in the Netherlands, unless perhaps when exclusively aimed at kids, and I don't think I've seen it advertised as "Dom en dommer", but it would indeed have been / be the Dutch titel of Dumb & Dumber. :)
(Though dubbing instead of subbing does seem to have become more prevalent in the past decade.)

The translating of film titles in Norway is something I kinda wish they wouldn't do... especially with quizzes it's harder to answer the question when you don't recognise the film title. ;)

@FiXato Completely agree regarding movie titles, if they really have to then do a literal translation instead of just pulling something out of the air (or their asses) It's something that fortunately seems to be rarely done these days.


@espen and if you do a literal translation, then don't include it as a subtitle. For example, the first translation of the original Star Wars film looks kinda weird: "Star Wars: Stjernekrigen". (Star Wars: The star war). (Dutch has a similar title btw: Star Wars: De Sterrenoorlog).

Oh well, at least it isn't "Hjelp, vi må på ferie!".

Could actually be a funny game: translate these weird translated film titles from all sorts of languages back to English, and have people guess what the original title is. ;)

@FiXato @espen

But who isn't a fan of "キャプテン·スーパーマーケット" (Captain Supermarket)?

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