@celia Good article. I like the idea of neighborhoods and wish I were on a Hometown fork, but hadn’t thought of them in relationship to Plus’s Circles.

What I was hoping Circles were when the came out — and would still like — is sort of the opposite direction. When I follow someone I want to be able to say “I’m interested in your tech stuff but not the sports stuff” or whatever. So rather than the author picking *who*, they pick a tag/category and I pick which to follow.


lamenting Google Plus's Collections (again) 

@a that is more like Google Plus's , which was introduced later (and imho too late) in its lifetime.
It's probably the feature I miss the most from , and I've previously gone into more details about why I miss Google Plus's Collections

Being able to filter a profile based on a list of predefined hashtags on the author's profile was a step in the right direction, but it's still a far cry from what Collections was.

There's still plenty of times I wish I could only follow someone's tech posts, while opting out of their shit posts.
(And no, filters are not a solution, because those don't work on a per-account basis, and rely too much on keywords.)


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