The little one immediately rushed off to play with the other kids and toys when we came into the kindergarten and had washed his hands. I had to ask him for a hug and a kiss goodbye first. ;)
As the wife said yesterday: I'm not sure if I should feel relieved or insulted. xD

Let's see if I can get some coding and housework done before I need to pick him up from his third day. :)

@FiXato awww! I'm glad he's adjusting so well and I hope you enjoy the time to yourself ☀️

@ljwrites it's a bit weird, but it's good to have some me time :)

(Just need to remember to pick him up in time xD)

@FiXato it's one of those "achievement unlocked" things :) and yeah, you don't want him to be the last kid sadly waiting for Dad to pick him up! Although depending on how late the place stays open, he may well have friends to play with and not even realize you were supposed to be there lmao.


@ljwrites he's not quite having complete days; we're gradually increasing the duration. :)
Picking him up today after he's supposed to have had some fruit. :)

@ljwrites and if the past two days are any indication, it's the getting him to come home that's going to be the difficult part. xD

Though it was really hard getting his dressed, his teeth brushed, and out door...

Though that's probably because he hasn't had a good night's rest. :(

@FiXato aww poor bby! I hope he sleeps better tonight :(

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