I remember how excited I felt when I saw a garland and other decorations when I came downstairs one of my early , so I blew up a couple of balloons and combined them with a one for our kid's third .

I hope you'll be just as excited πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’›

Got a foil balloon in the shape of a 3 with a tiger print too, but that one's hidden in the bedroom's closet, so I'll have to wait with inflating that till tomorrow.

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he seemed to enjoy the balloons and his gifts πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’›

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definitely :D
It also adds a bit of extra colour to the room πŸ’š

@FiXato Aww, now that's an awesome dad! Just keep in mind that the main reason why most kids (well, me at least) loved balloons is because 1. they could bounce them around a bunch and 2. because they popped so loudly. So don't expect those things to hang up there for too long. :ms_grin:
Happy birthday, Beard Grabber!

@Mayana of course I also spread a couple of loose ones around the room; mostly the long thin ones that can be used to make balloon animals. (I have yet to look up a tutorial to see if I can actually make one.)

One of the regular balloons actually popped and he just stood frozen for a while; no crying, but also no excited laughter.
When I said nothing was wrong, he just said something like "then we'll need to inflate a new one" πŸ˜€β€‹

@FiXato A very reasonable handling of a balloon death, then. He respectfully gave it a moment of silence before moving on. Not as fun, but clearly there's psychologists who would twist that into something meaningful.

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