Golden autumn view on Trøndelag in water colours

Today's painting involves a view @Siiw painted several years ago somewhere in , . Her water colour painting has been hanging on the wall her for several years, and as such is a familiar sight for me.

I started by painting a similar sky and mountain-side, but when it came to the trees I kind of wanted to put some foliage techniques I'd been watching, to use, so I decided to make it an earlier autumn setting instead, as her trees were mostly bare. Also added a bit more yellow to part of the sky (though perhaps a tad too much).

Certainly had fun drawing this water colour painting!

Some progress shots of the I shared earlier.

The first one with just the hills and the sky probably more closely resembles @Siiw's original work, especially when it comes to the sky, though hers had a better and more prominent radial pattern to the skies, adding some more depth.
The second has the trees added, though only the first tree had foliage yet.

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