Mana Tree: Painting with water colours by example

Quite satisfied how my version of the from for the turned out.
Feel free to compare it to the original art of the Secret of Mana Mana Tree.

While I used , I also realise I probably haven't really used the medium the way it is supposed to be used. Perhaps I should give acrylics a try too. :)

I like using it for backgrounds such as water and sky, but I struggle a bit with using it for mid- and foreground details.

It will be interesting to come back to this piece, and redo it when I've grown more accustomed to the media and techniques.


It's been ages since I last posted something to my account, but I figured I'd post my latest there for a change: Mana Tree from Secret of Mana (SNES) by FiXato on DeviantArt

@FiXato Nice! I love how soft the colors & shapes are. It also got me humming the theme song lol.

@ljwrites it's such a lovely soundtrack, isn't it? :)
Thanks for your kind words :D

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