Bought some new , my first 'proper' ones rather than the usual kids' set, and found an pad from my childhood that barely saw any use, and hope to bring some change to that.

Won't be tonight though. Maybe tomorrow during the day.


Got to do some experimenting with my new today, as well as trying my hand at some techniques from videos I've been watching.

Still have a lot to learn and practise, and need to get used to the differences between the various kinds of paper we have.

Especially with the big sheet of paper it dried up a lot paler than I'd expected.

I like the yellow, orange, green, light blue and deep purple from this set of water colour , though I'm a bit underwhelmed so far about the red and pink.

Maybe I'll also get some better results when I don't have to pay attention to playing with his own paints at the same time. ;)

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