I can't sing, I can't dance...

Whenever I do, will go 'nuh-uh!', or puts his hands on my mouth, or worse, starts crying. ><

I swear, I'm not such a bad singer. As for dancing, what I lack in style I make up in enthusiasm? 🤷‍♂️

So, maybe I should start doing both to ( - )

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@FiXato yeah not exactly a boost to self-esteem when your artistic expression literally makes a kid cry 😂 Tater only "allows" a narrow range of singing too, he can get very upset and run away blocking his ears if I start on one of the forbidden songs lol.

@ljwrites , eh? ;)

I miss when my singing would put him to sleep.

(or perhaps he ended up pretending to sleep, just to make me stop 🤔)

@FiXato He does still like most lullabies so I guess I'm luckier there. He corrects me if he thinks I got the notes wrong, though. Allow for some artistic improvisation pls :blobcatsadlife:

An alternate theory is that your singing was so boring that it put him to sleep 🤗

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